Monday, May 30, 2011

30 de mayo


well another week has passed by and changes are tomorrow. and im staying here, again, in the same area. this will be my fourth time, and so this means im gonna be in the new mission... mexico city south east. everyone from the district is staying except my companion. he is going to Hermita in D.F. and staying in the mexico city south mission. and he is gonna be zone leader... and im getting an american companion. i kinda know him.

so this week was good tho... we worked hard, taught people, found new people, had a BAPTISM:), we did it all. but for some reason idk what to write about......

ill think hard...

ya nothings comin....


oh man the baptism this week was a little difficult to get things going. satan definitely was working against us... first we got there and went to an hermanos house so that he could kinda help us. then we went to his brothers house to get the keys. then we opened everything and started getting things ready but we didnt have the special key that opened the doors for in front of the font where people can see. then the boiler wasnt working so the water was gonna be cold. then we had to go find the branch president so we could get more keys but he wasnt home but he was kinda close by so we found him and then he was like oh i dont have the keys but if you just kinda jimmy the doors and move them around they will open... we tried that and nothing happened. then we went back and we were like it didnt work and then he told us that the stake president has the keys then we called him and he didnt answer and he was at the temple then he called his counselor and he was with him at the temple. then we called the secretary and he answered and he had the keys!!! so we asked an hermano to take us all the way to tecalco so we could get them. then we got them and everything was pretty good. or so we thought... we went to victors house to go get him and the family and the uncle who is a little crazy was outside shoveling "stuff" and we were like hey what ya doin? you gonna go to the baptism? and he is like oh well im really busy and i have a lot of work... then we went to go get the aunt and she was resting because she was sick and said she couldnt go.. so it was gonna be us, victor, a bunch of little cousins of victor, and some hermanos. then right when we were gonna start in comes the aunt and more family and all the neighbors that live by them... so ya everything actually worked out good!!! wooo!!!

this sunday was ward conference so there was an activity every night in the week. but saturday all day the ward went to some big ranch thing where there is like a soccer court and a bball court and a pool and stuff and well ya we went for a little bit... but when we were leaving we were riding by on our bikes and to the side there was a little kid that was going number 2 in the middle of the road!!! it was probably the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life...

one more thing thats kinda cool. the past 2 weeks i was reading the church book Our Heritage. and well i found out something really cool... when joseph and hyrum smith and all them were in liberty jail, there was another guy that was with them in the jail that was like part of their lil group that all got put in jail. and well his name was Alexander McRae! thats my name!! well im McCrae. but my McCrae is spelled wrong. it should be the exact same.. but ya thats cool huh. dont act like its not.. youre all jealous.... jajajaja. jk!

well i love you all!
elder inglish

1 and 2. on a random tire swing that we found.. it was thuper fun.

3. me and my compa on some old train car thing...

4 and 5. baptism of victor

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