Monday, May 30, 2011

30 de mayo


well another week has passed by and changes are tomorrow. and im staying here, again, in the same area. this will be my fourth time, and so this means im gonna be in the new mission... mexico city south east. everyone from the district is staying except my companion. he is going to Hermita in D.F. and staying in the mexico city south mission. and he is gonna be zone leader... and im getting an american companion. i kinda know him.

so this week was good tho... we worked hard, taught people, found new people, had a BAPTISM:), we did it all. but for some reason idk what to write about......

ill think hard...

ya nothings comin....


oh man the baptism this week was a little difficult to get things going. satan definitely was working against us... first we got there and went to an hermanos house so that he could kinda help us. then we went to his brothers house to get the keys. then we opened everything and started getting things ready but we didnt have the special key that opened the doors for in front of the font where people can see. then the boiler wasnt working so the water was gonna be cold. then we had to go find the branch president so we could get more keys but he wasnt home but he was kinda close by so we found him and then he was like oh i dont have the keys but if you just kinda jimmy the doors and move them around they will open... we tried that and nothing happened. then we went back and we were like it didnt work and then he told us that the stake president has the keys then we called him and he didnt answer and he was at the temple then he called his counselor and he was with him at the temple. then we called the secretary and he answered and he had the keys!!! so we asked an hermano to take us all the way to tecalco so we could get them. then we got them and everything was pretty good. or so we thought... we went to victors house to go get him and the family and the uncle who is a little crazy was outside shoveling "stuff" and we were like hey what ya doin? you gonna go to the baptism? and he is like oh well im really busy and i have a lot of work... then we went to go get the aunt and she was resting because she was sick and said she couldnt go.. so it was gonna be us, victor, a bunch of little cousins of victor, and some hermanos. then right when we were gonna start in comes the aunt and more family and all the neighbors that live by them... so ya everything actually worked out good!!! wooo!!!

this sunday was ward conference so there was an activity every night in the week. but saturday all day the ward went to some big ranch thing where there is like a soccer court and a bball court and a pool and stuff and well ya we went for a little bit... but when we were leaving we were riding by on our bikes and to the side there was a little kid that was going number 2 in the middle of the road!!! it was probably the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life...

one more thing thats kinda cool. the past 2 weeks i was reading the church book Our Heritage. and well i found out something really cool... when joseph and hyrum smith and all them were in liberty jail, there was another guy that was with them in the jail that was like part of their lil group that all got put in jail. and well his name was Alexander McRae! thats my name!! well im McCrae. but my McCrae is spelled wrong. it should be the exact same.. but ya thats cool huh. dont act like its not.. youre all jealous.... jajajaja. jk!

well i love you all!
elder inglish

1 and 2. on a random tire swing that we found.. it was thuper fun.

3. me and my compa on some old train car thing...

4 and 5. baptism of victor

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 de mayo

dear you,

well a good week has passed by i would say... we taught a lot, found new people, listened to an apostle!!!, went like 50 miles an hour on our bikes...jk jk only like 40, and found un joven de oro! thats a kid whose family goes to church and so does he but hes not baptized so we teach him and baptize him. his name is victor and he is 15. he wants to be baptized.. so were grateful.

so on tuesday Elder Oaks came.. AMAZING. he talked about revelation and how we can receive it and all the different ways we can receive it. he talked in english and had a translater... he was funny, and cool. Sister Oaks also talked and also a guy from the Quorum of the 70 and his wife and the Pres and his wife shared testimonies.. it was awesome. he also greeted everyone personally. and he looked at me and said, Inglish? what an interesting last name... and i think that was it. haha but he is super nice and cool.

on wednesday we had divisions and elder ferlin came to my area. we rode the bikes in the morning and took some sweet pics.. we worked pretty good together. we contacted and found 4 new people in that day.

on thursday and friday me and my companion went to Tepecoculco on the bikes and well we havent been there very much and its a really big spread out pueblo... so we looked for some references that we had and contacted and what not...

on saturday Elder jimenez, who is 100% American came to my area and we worked really good! taught a lot, went with less actives, contacted, taught the priesthood to Luis haha, we did it all. this week was a really good week.

yesterday we went to the branch we have in Tepecoculco and that was good, there is like a total of 60 people there. the members were kinda...cold to us. like they are like, elderes, there is a lot of work here and we have a lot of references for you and we know people that wanna be baptized...

and well they dont realize that we arent here to make wards grow, we are here to make the church in total grow. we have a lot of work and a lot of people to teach and well they probably think we are fritos or something... but we arent! but we couldnt really work there because we didnt have bikes before and now that we do we are gonna work there more..

changes are next tuesday and well i hope i leave and stay in the mexico city south mission, the mission right now, but its gonna split and well this zone im in will be another mission... dont have time to explain more of that haha... but i love you all.

read and pray erryday,
Elder Alex Inglish

1. self timer


3. poppin a already know.

4. pose 1

5. pose 2

Monday, May 16, 2011

16 de mayo


well this week went by super fast! monday was pday. tuesday was normal. wednesday we had zone conference all day. that was cool. the president talked and we talked about a lot of different stuff. we watched a talk of elder holland that was from the mtc in january so i actually saw it live cause i was there still. woo! i remember that talk though. it was so strong and super powerful and i think i cried a tid bit..spirit was strong! it was better in english than in espanol though... also the president talked more about when the mission is gonna split.. the mexico city south (my mission) is gonna join with the mexico city east to create the mexico city southeast. where i am right now and i think 2 more zones are gonna become part of the southeast mission. but i really hope that i leave this change so that i can stay in the south mission where there is more city. well its gonna be all city. Distrito Federal. and then thursday was choir practice for Elder Oaks tomorrow woo!! friday i was in the house all day because my companion got his molar taken out or something.. saturday he had to rest a little too and so we worked slowly... then sunday was church and monday well here i am again!

i got a package this week. woo! from my loving fam. i got some good stuff, lemme tell you... but i wont tell you... bwahahaha.

i made a really good sandwich this morning.. tuna;), ham, cheese and ya thats it. it was goooooooooooood!!

so yes, i baptized luis! woo! luis elpidio ruis lopez is now member of the church of jesus christ of LDS! hes way excited and loves all the nice new people that he is making friends with. hes really excited to learn more and hes like talking to one of his friends about the church too! woo!! i love this work.

and i love all you,
elder inglish


1. luis´s baptism!

2. and 3. elder ferlin cutting my hair.

4. me with my bike!

5. a chapel where we have meetings every sunday. its 2 stories... up stairs is just the sacrament room.

Monday, May 9, 2011

9 de mayo

hola mis amigos y mi familia, que tal,

this week was good. yesterday we had an investigador go to church and he loved it! he was nervous haha. we are baptizing him this saturday the 14th! wooooo!!! shoot i dont have any pics again haha. keep forgetting to take some during the week! but i did take one right after i finished the B of M! woo it was sweet! i was like whoa... i started looking around and looked at the pics on the wall of the church and scripts and hymn book and well everything just looks a lot different now.. i love it and i love the book and i love the church and everything we have and yes...the b of m is true soooo sososo ososo true!!!

so not yesterday, but the sunday before i said my testimony and also i felt the desire to say that its super sad to me to see everyone walking in late. usually only like 20 people take the sacrament and the ward is a lot bigger than 20 people.. after they open the doors its a whole crowd that walks in.. so i just said we should get here earlier and take the sacrament because thats the whole reason we are here at church.. and afterwards they were like, thank you we needed to hear that.. and there were some more people there on time this sunday wooo!!! revelation? i think yes...

we are all working hard. i work with about everyone in the district because my companion has to do divisions with everyone and go to their areas.. so i can learn from all the other missionaries and the way they do stuff. so things are good! i like the mission.. jaja.

well i gotta go.. sorry theres not many pics and this isnt very long... but i gotta go eat some food! tengo un buen de hambre. we are making burritos!!

love you all! keeping you in my prayers and keep me in yours!
elder inglish


1. i finished the BofM!

Monday, May 2, 2011

2 de mayo

hola! whoa i cant believe its may! i almost have 6 months! almost a quarter of my mission! que loco. well this week was pretty similar to the others, we worked, taught, contacted, helped people, i was sick as usual.. haha. well i was sick like 2 weeks ago and i finished my meds and well i was good for like 2 days.. but then something returned. like the flu kinda, super sore throat, aches, that junk. but this time i got injections for my meds instead of pills. they are better. and well i finished them! i had to get one every night. in my pompis. 5 times! but its all good im healthy now! oh ya! i was sick thursday too. i ate something bad wednesday night and well thursday from 2 am until 12 pm i was throwing up. like 30 times no joke. i didnt sleep at all that night. i just sat there in the bathroom and waited for like 15-20 minutes in between upchucks. but its all good im healthy now. plus i lost weight! wooo! hahaha

ay ay ay. the work is getting slow. people like to listen and learn and say they wanna be baptised but they dont wanna go to church! well a lot of times they work a lot.. like on sundays too... we feel like were doing what we can, and the investigators arent doing what they should.. thats the biggest problem in all of this zone. people are poor in this zone and dont have cars, and work a lot. so its hard to go to church... but we are doing what we should and what we can and well we know for sure that the lord will bless us and the people here..

well we gotta go eat... love ya!
elder inglish

1. a really really cute girl named paula.