Monday, August 29, 2011

29 de agosto

this week went pretty well... i feel like we didnt really have the chance to teach that much, but we set 2 new baptismal dates this week! for sept 11th. but neither of the people came to church if they wanna get baptized on the 11th they need to go to church the 4th and the 11th. i sure hope they do! otherwise ill be super sad...
so i wanna share a little something with you all i learned from Ephesians chapter 6. it talks about La Armadura de Dios (the armor of god). i had already known what it was, but i read the chapter and i liked it alot!
1. the loins of truth
2. breastplate of justice
3. feet with preparation of the gospel
4. shield of faith
5. helmet of salvation
6. sword of the spirit which is the word of god
all these things have a special meaning behind them. for example, shield of faith, you put the shield in front of you cause you have faith that you will be pretected from whats coming at you. or the sword of the spirit that is the word of god. as a sword can penetrate the body, the spirit or the word of god can penetrate the very soul. all of them have a different meaning and well i wont write all of them but i challenge all of you to read and study the chapter and then put on that armor of god.
in my new area there is a lot of work... we dont have a lot of people right now, but the ones we have are really good. la verdad (it's the truth). there is one lady, Sophia, that is kinda poor and i just wanna throw out the money i have on the table and say, here hermana, take this and help your family. but were not allowed to do that. but the truth is i kinda dont care because i dont wanna see her cry again...
then last night all the appts we had fell through and well i was kinda in a bad mood. so i was like, compa lets just go home. it was like 8:15 when i sat down at my desk and i was about to write a letter back to someone that wrote me.. and then it hit me. last sunday there was a lady and her 2 daughters that came to church. they actually speak english too beacuse they came from indiana. but they are mexican at heart. except they hate it here. so anyways, i sat at my desk and they just came to my mind, and at first i was like, ya whatever i dont really wanna go... then like 10 seconds later i just felt a really strong impression to go see them. so i was like, compa! lets go. i said, someone came to my mind lets go. so he was like okay. 
it was 8:25 when we left the house and i had a feeling that we should get there before 8:30 for some reason. so we started super speed walking, almost running! we got there at 8:29 and i rang the door bell and she was like, who? i was like, the missionaries! then she was like, oh....uhhhh.....i was just about to get in the shower......but uhh....sure come in! i was like, yes! haha. so we got in sat down and it was the very first appt with her so we just got to know her and talked a little about her background and stuff and we talked a little about the restoration and gave her a BofM and the restoration pamphlet. and she is VERY interested. and the truth, i love them. they have 2 little girls too and they speak english and its super funny haha. idk why. it wasnt a super cool story, but still cool. cause i listened to the spirit. 1. we finally got to teach a little and get to know her. 2. i think if we would have gotten there after 8:30 she would have been in the shower already and we would have missed her.... so i think it was way cool.
more has happened this week too but the truth is i dont have time to write about it! sorry. but i love these people. we dont have very many, but i have so much love for them all... its crazy how much...
well i sat at the bad computer where i cant send pics so uhh sorry but no pics this week!
put on the armor of god,
elder inglish

Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday, August 15, 2011

15 de agosto

well not too much happened this week...

now im in paraiso, ixtla with elder luna. he is actually a really good missionary... i hope he doesnt have changes to leave this area the 23rd. i could learn a lot from him.

well this ugly. all the houses are the color gray on the outside... and well i still dont know the area well. its one of the biggest in the mission and so if my comp leaves im gonna be opening this area pretty much. but my comp is really excited to have another good missionary like him too. ;) cause his last 2 companions have been pretty tough... and so hes been through a lot lately. he wants to stay here with me too. oh hes from sonora, mexico and hes a big guy haha.

so we contacted a lady the other day and she said that Elvis Presly was more famous than jesus christ... weird haha

also we contacted a guy with a hook for a hand. Mario. pretty sweet.

well thats about all i got for now, i dont have much time today.... nos vemos!

love you all,
elder inglish
1. yo y my compa y elder ericksen y su compa.
2. y 3. saying goodbye to an hermana

Monday, August 8, 2011

8 de agosto


whoa. i'm in week five of this change! i'm about to complete 9 9 days... is that weird or what?! but time only will get even faster! crazy... 

well this week was pretty good. the area still isnt as good as i would like it to be... but its slowly getting a little better. one of the coolest experiences that ive ever had happened this week though...

so we have this investigator named Brautrelet, or Brau for short. and he had a baptism date for the 6th... this past saturday. and well he "wasnt ready." jaja. so they all say. but this amazing man is golden. does everything we ask, goes to church, and he has already read 1st and 2nd Nefi! (bueno, Nephi.) and those type of people are rare. but this week in church, well, yesterday, it was fast and testimony meeting. and brau goes up to the stand with his friend Fanny who just got home from her mission like 8 weeks ago. she is always in the lessons with us and she helps him and all that good stuff... anyway, they go up and sit until its their turns to bear their testimonies and Brau goes up first. and at this moment my heart like dropped and i was like no manches (no way!).....then he goes on for like 5 minutes saying how he is super grateful for all the blessings he has received in his life and the espirit he always feels here and then he said how grateful he is for Elder Inglish and Elder Martinez and for the love we have for him is so strong and he feels it and is very grateful for the things we have been teaching him. then there was silence.....and he says....."and..........i know..................................................that these things are true." 
then tears started roll down my face and i remember this marvelous work and a wonder that i am doing....
and Brau finishes by testifying of these things...

and well this was an experience that i dont think i will ever forget.  i am truly helping people come unto Christ. and i would only like to help MORE people...

oh on friday there was a guy with a quote on the back of his shirt. i doubt he knows what it said, because it was in english... but it hit me and i like it.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

but i have no idea who margaret mead is or to what she was even referring to... haha, pero me gustó mucho (i liked it a lot). 

oh ya saturday night we were with the family cortes who are a part member family and all the sudden Hugo and his mom and dad come walking in with a fat ol´ cake and the mom was like, "vamos a tener una fiesta porque estamos bien y contentos gracias a Dios!" (we're going to have a party because we are well and happy, thanks to God!)

and i was like, oh gosh here we go again... ha. and we ate some cake and drank some atole. 

well thats about all i got for now my beloved friends and family and other fans jajahahajaha just joshin.
love you all, paz afuera (peace out)

elder inglish
1. me with some little girl's toys on me? idk....she put them there....
2. a bug that was on my shirt...looks freaky if you zoom in on it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

1 de agosto

well another super fast week has gone by! pretty crazy. and things just go by faster and faster every week, every month! mommy ill be home before you know it! broma, todavia falto un BUEN! (Kidding, I still have a ways to go!)

well things are getting better but still not how i would like them. theres only about 10 progressing investigators that are actually progressing....but on the other hand four have baptism dates... but one of them NEVER goes to church even when he tells us, YES, GOD COMES FIRST. and so were like oh okay see ya domingo (Sunday) and we sit there and the fam comes minus him...they say he has to work... but were going to their house later today and we´ll see whats up with him. he has the desire to be baptized, but not go to church... but its not something new... ha.

well the lord does work in amazing ways...the other day we were eating and the sister was like, ya im a convert and when i was investigating i never got an answer.... i told the missionaries that i had prayed and never got or felt anything... but one day they fasted for me. and that same day i had my answer that this was all true.. so at the moment i was like,

hey comp (companion)...

he tells me, que (what?)

i tell him, lets fast!

he says, sí

then i went in the bathroom and got on my knees and started my fast. and at that moment i knew what i was doing was going to help our investigators and also us.... so now we ended the week with 4 baptism dates and some new investigators as well. but the law of the fast is real. and you all should do it!

oh another cool/quick story... we stopped at a converts house that was baptized here in like january and he already has the melchizedek priesthood! usually you have to wait a year after your baptism... but ya anyways, he told us of dreams he used to have a long time ago before his conversion. his dreams were that he was in some building standing in front of a bunch of people dressed nice and he was breaking bread.... and other dreams he was passing that bread to people... and another dream he was cutting meat with a big knife.... i don't know what the last dream means... hahaha but the other 2 are pretty clear. and he told his wife who was already a member and she was like "oh my weird" hahahaha and she never even realized that that is what we do in the church! it was funny, but super cool. people are out there and ready...

just a little extra note.. my bday is coming up... NBD (no big deal). (september 4th)
and well i will be expecting gifts from all my loved ones and my fans... jkbr. ;)
btw...i love ties. and i hear air mail is the you

con cariño,
elder inglish


1. IM RICH!! 6300 pesitos!! jk, the rent and deposit together were 5000.

all the rest of the pics: luis albertos baptism