Monday, July 25, 2011

25 de julio

welp... que paso this week... not mucho.. well, actually everyday something happens... but sometimes i cant remember to write about certain things... so ya just a heads up! :)

well poco a poco the area is getting abetter and we are getting more people to teach.. but we still need more! so we are trying to work hard!

we have some people that want to be baptized too, but they have some doubts still.. and we are praying for them and trying to clear their doubts.. so say your prayers too! porfies (please!)... well i think i gotta go. the hermana is getting kinda mad because there are 4 missionaries here in the internet cafe and only 6 computers.. so i could write more! but we gotta go..

keep saying your prayers and prayers for me because i am receiving blessings here.. love you all

elder inglish

1. my one pic. i put a bunch of pass-a-long cards in the toes of a little girl... im funny, i know..

Monday, July 18, 2011

18 de julio

dear fam and friends


what a semana (week).

well, ive received my new companion. a brand new missionary. my hijo (son), elder martinez! except hes 25 years old.. so sometimes he doesnt quite seem like a new missionary. well rarely haha cause he is still learning and doesnt know what to do a lot of the time. but good thing he has a great trainer like elder inglish to show him the ropes. haha jk but i am trying to be a good instructor and help him out... he is learning. at least he already new a little about like the gospel when he got here so he actually helps with the teaching.. and does it well.

also we have to start working super freaking hard because 1, we only have 1 ward and lost a lot of investigators from the other ward when the new missionaries came here and 2, i have to show my new missionary how to work and how to do things.. theres a lot to do!

earlier in the week i was stressing out so much because i was helping the new missionaries elder ericksen and elder aguirre know their area a little and some people and investigators, and after there was nothing top do in my area and i just felt so stressed and tired and ugh i dont know how else to explain.. but i stopped thinking about myself and we went home and looked at the area book and looked at some old investigadores and stopped by with like 2 cause we ran out of time.. but were gonna keep doing that and contacting people... were gonna work hard. i really wanna make this area a lot better and i wanna help my new missionary get some baptisms under his belt.

well pday was kinda fun... we went to a big mall and we were gonna bowl but we didnt have time. but we just kinda walked around and the other missionaries bought some stuff... i just bought a rain coat/poncho thing...but its not like yellow and fat and flowy and ugly haha. its dark blue and more fitting.

oh ya i completed 8 months!

well i gotta go now

sorry, love you

con cariño,

elder inglish


1. me, elder ericksen , y elder pickett

2. painting the house of elder ericksen and elder aguirre

3. the family: martinez(my son), me, moyano(my dad), ferrin(moyanos dad), dont know the last ones name... haha

4. me and elder ericksen on a micro!

5. BURRITOS!!! so yummy. and rare so we couldnt pass it up...

Monday, July 11, 2011

11 de julio

dear family and friends,

what an eventful week!!! we married people, baptized people, blessed some people who have some problems in their lives, received some crazy news about the changes tomorrow, and went bowling today! and i bought a sweater....

well first off, we had 4 baptisms planned. bueno, 3 baptisms but 4 people. but we only ended up baptizing 2... here's what happened... tuesday we went to rosario's house for an appt and she tells us that her and her husband are getting divorced and that he is crazy and has some crazy problems all the sudden. so she moved to the state. like 2-3 hours away. but she was really sad cause she wants us to baptize her.. but she already knows where the chapel is where she's gonna live and she will be baptized because all we have to do is pass her address to the missionaries over there and ya..listo...

and then we didnt end up baptising Hugo because he hadnt gone to church in like 2 years... but he says hes gonna start going to church now so he can get baptised. but we married him and his wife norma thursday and we baptised norma friday. and now the mom finally wants to get baptised. but she says after Hugo gets baptised... we will see what we can do..

then on sunday we baptized Elizabeth. well actually her husband, nacho, baptized her. cause he was already member. but he was just a deacon before. idk why because he is like 26... haha. so before the baptism we made him a priest so he could baptize his wife... so ya that was a cool experience for them.. and us.

oh ya, and theres changes tomorrow! im staying here but my comp is leaving! so sad. and weird because he only has 1 change here. but hes gonna go somewhere else and receive a new missionary and become senior companion again. oh did i ever tell you i had become senior when i had special changes like 3 weeks ago... so its gonna be a little challenging because i still dont know the entire area very well... but also they are sending 2 more missionaries here to have one of the wards i had. so now i'll just have one ward... and one of the new missionaries they are gonna send is gonna be elder ericksen! from my generation from the mtc! so im super stoked for that. except him and his comp arent gonna know their area and so for a couple days i'll have to help them. its gonna be me and 3 other elders that are gonna be clueless as to where they are.. and along with allllllll that, im gonna be an instructor... thats right, im having a son. a GREENY!!! it was so random to hear that because i only have almost 8 months in my mission and usually people dont train until they have a lot under their belt. these next 3 months will be a big change for me and kind of a challenge.. but i have faith. changes are based off revelation by the president.....

oh and today we went to a sweet mall and went bowling! i won. haha. well i think thats about it for the week...

love you all,
elder inglish


1. baptism of Norma

2. baptism of Elizabeth

3. bowling! today.

4. with norma and hugo after they were married.

5. with elizabeth and nacho after they were married.

Monday, July 4, 2011

4 de julio

happy 4th of july! too bad its just another day in the year here....

well this week was pretty good i guess. we didnt end up baptizing the people we had ready because the husband and wife who we were gonna marry ended up having a little fight or something.. who knows.. but everything is good now so this thursday we will marry them and the next day friday we will baptize them! finally. the mom still doesnt know yet if she wants to be baptized... but we are working with her and we are hoping that she will see how the baptism of her daughter is and will decide after that..

theres also 2 more people that we are marrying on thursday. nacho and elisabeth. nacho is a member but his wife isnt and we found them and she was like, yes i wanna get baptized, so we were like, SWEEEET!!! she has her date on saturday.

then on saturday we have another!! rosario.

4 baptisms in 2 days! woo!! pretty awesome ehh? oh wait im gonna talk about rosario a little bit. so we went to the appt one day and she was like, look i got my answer and the mormon church is true! and the book of mormon! i wanna keep my life going in the mormon church. then like 2 days later she didnt answer the door. i looked in the window and i saw that she was hiding and smoking... oh man that was so sad to see.. me and my comp talked a bit and decided to go with a family that lives upstairs. sfter that we walked passed rosarios door and we heard a voice... "where are you going? i need you?" we looked back and it was rosario. we went in her house where she and her mom were crying and told us about a thousand times that they were sorry. long story short we taught about the cargos and troubles in life that we have. she still wants to be baptized cause she has a strong testimony. afterwards we gave the mom and rosario blessings of comfort. it was the best blessing i ever gave too!! the gift of tongues and revelation is such a blessing!!

okay well gotta go!

love you all and miss you all!

elder inglish

p.s. the new mission office address is:

elder alex inglish
Av. Progreso 106, 3er piso
Colonia Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacán
C.P. 04010, Distrito Federal