Monday, May 9, 2011

9 de mayo

hola mis amigos y mi familia, que tal,

this week was good. yesterday we had an investigador go to church and he loved it! he was nervous haha. we are baptizing him this saturday the 14th! wooooo!!! shoot i dont have any pics again haha. keep forgetting to take some during the week! but i did take one right after i finished the B of M! woo it was sweet! i was like whoa... i started looking around and looked at the pics on the wall of the church and scripts and hymn book and well everything just looks a lot different now.. i love it and i love the book and i love the church and everything we have and yes...the b of m is true soooo sososo ososo true!!!

so not yesterday, but the sunday before i said my testimony and also i felt the desire to say that its super sad to me to see everyone walking in late. usually only like 20 people take the sacrament and the ward is a lot bigger than 20 people.. after they open the doors its a whole crowd that walks in.. so i just said we should get here earlier and take the sacrament because thats the whole reason we are here at church.. and afterwards they were like, thank you we needed to hear that.. and there were some more people there on time this sunday wooo!!! revelation? i think yes...

we are all working hard. i work with about everyone in the district because my companion has to do divisions with everyone and go to their areas.. so i can learn from all the other missionaries and the way they do stuff. so things are good! i like the mission.. jaja.

well i gotta go.. sorry theres not many pics and this isnt very long... but i gotta go eat some food! tengo un buen de hambre. we are making burritos!!

love you all! keeping you in my prayers and keep me in yours!
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1. i finished the BofM!

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