Monday, May 2, 2011

2 de mayo

hola! whoa i cant believe its may! i almost have 6 months! almost a quarter of my mission! que loco. well this week was pretty similar to the others, we worked, taught, contacted, helped people, i was sick as usual.. haha. well i was sick like 2 weeks ago and i finished my meds and well i was good for like 2 days.. but then something returned. like the flu kinda, super sore throat, aches, that junk. but this time i got injections for my meds instead of pills. they are better. and well i finished them! i had to get one every night. in my pompis. 5 times! but its all good im healthy now! oh ya! i was sick thursday too. i ate something bad wednesday night and well thursday from 2 am until 12 pm i was throwing up. like 30 times no joke. i didnt sleep at all that night. i just sat there in the bathroom and waited for like 15-20 minutes in between upchucks. but its all good im healthy now. plus i lost weight! wooo! hahaha

ay ay ay. the work is getting slow. people like to listen and learn and say they wanna be baptised but they dont wanna go to church! well a lot of times they work a lot.. like on sundays too... we feel like were doing what we can, and the investigators arent doing what they should.. thats the biggest problem in all of this zone. people are poor in this zone and dont have cars, and work a lot. so its hard to go to church... but we are doing what we should and what we can and well we know for sure that the lord will bless us and the people here..

well we gotta go eat... love ya!
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1. a really really cute girl named paula.

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