Monday, May 16, 2011

16 de mayo


well this week went by super fast! monday was pday. tuesday was normal. wednesday we had zone conference all day. that was cool. the president talked and we talked about a lot of different stuff. we watched a talk of elder holland that was from the mtc in january so i actually saw it live cause i was there still. woo! i remember that talk though. it was so strong and super powerful and i think i cried a tid bit..spirit was strong! it was better in english than in espanol though... also the president talked more about when the mission is gonna split.. the mexico city south (my mission) is gonna join with the mexico city east to create the mexico city southeast. where i am right now and i think 2 more zones are gonna become part of the southeast mission. but i really hope that i leave this change so that i can stay in the south mission where there is more city. well its gonna be all city. Distrito Federal. and then thursday was choir practice for Elder Oaks tomorrow woo!! friday i was in the house all day because my companion got his molar taken out or something.. saturday he had to rest a little too and so we worked slowly... then sunday was church and monday well here i am again!

i got a package this week. woo! from my loving fam. i got some good stuff, lemme tell you... but i wont tell you... bwahahaha.

i made a really good sandwich this morning.. tuna;), ham, cheese and ya thats it. it was goooooooooooood!!

so yes, i baptized luis! woo! luis elpidio ruis lopez is now member of the church of jesus christ of LDS! hes way excited and loves all the nice new people that he is making friends with. hes really excited to learn more and hes like talking to one of his friends about the church too! woo!! i love this work.

and i love all you,
elder inglish


1. luis´s baptism!

2. and 3. elder ferlin cutting my hair.

4. me with my bike!

5. a chapel where we have meetings every sunday. its 2 stories... up stairs is just the sacrament room.

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