Monday, April 25, 2011

25 de abril

well this week was cool/weird/sad. on tuesday there was changes but no one got changed. the district is all the same except elder nuñez left to go home and now we have elder reyes... he knows sooo much and knows how to do everything really good, but he just doesnt want to. but hes cool and all. were pretty cuate. but ya on tuesday i was still a little sick so we went to the mission doctor who is all the way at the temple and it was sweet! temple is big and beautiful and awesome! and we walked thru the visitors center too... it was sweeet. but my camera wasnt working so i dont have any pics... sorry! after the doctor we went to burger king cause we didnt have a meal date for that day. OMG it was soooo good. i miss american food! there is nothing like a mcdonalds or BK or anything in my zone. just taco stands.. i didnt even really like those places before, but now they are amazing!

thursday we went back to D.F. for choir practice which is pretty chido tambien. its coming together really nicely. we are singing i know that my redeemer lives for Elder Oaks may 17th. verses 1,2, 4 are spanish and verse 3 is in english! its way sweet. the president was there the last practice and he loved it.. yo sè que vive mi señor. :)

on friday and saturday there was a live reenactment of the resurrection of jesus christ! la passiòn de cristo en vive. theres like posters everywhere. ya, the people are crazy here. theres like a mexican jesus christ and he is like pushed around and hit and taken back and forth from place to place and a guy reads from the bible and well its sad and pathetic. the catholics do this crazy stuff like this because they think its good and forgives there sins. so ya we were waiting for like 30 minutes for an hermano to get home so we could eat and so we watched it and took pics and and stuff. its like real. they hit him, spit on him, everything. the only thing they dont do is nail the hands. they just tie them. but they actually do that in another zone! in Itzapalapa. a guy gets paid to do it! pretty loco ehh?

on saturday, idk why, but on this day once a year people are in the calles or on the top of their houses and they throw water or water balloons at people! all day! its just a tradition they have. we were at lunch and i looked out the window and and saw some girls just chillin waitin to get people and i was on the second floor and i dumped my lemonade on them and they saw me and were like Ooooooooh white boy! get down here! and ya it was funny. we left out the back door so they didnt follow us. bwahahahaha....

sunday we went to Tlalamac really early before church started and we went to look for our investigadores so they could go to church with us.. but one, Alfredo, said he was gonna go and stuff and so we were just waiting for his mom and sister to finish getting ready (they are members) and we were about to leave and he started saying like i cant go i cant leave my house someone will come and rob me. and we were like no God will protect your house and your things if you go to church and then he was like i cant leave my little cat alone... and so ya he didnt go. then we went to another family's house and of course the husband had the flu, cough cough. he was lying tho. but we are doing the same thing next sunday. but we got to church without investigators and left with 2 more! there was a sister in law of a member and some dude who is like 15 and we talked to them and we are gonna start teaching them so at least God blessed us with more investigators. :)

today we played some soccer and relaxed and ate! good pday. :) i love you all.

chau, elder inglish

1. my new soccer jersey with my name and Zone! its for the team Real Madrid.

2. jesus christ carrying his cross about to be crucified

3. jesus christ getting hit

4. and 5. elder lopezs wrestling mask! sweet. i want one...

6. the dead volcano covered in snow. its actually a girl laying down on her back, if you can tell.

7. random pic of a calle in Tlalamac. poorest part in the entire mission, but this pic says nothing.

8. me, elder ferlin with new soccer jerseys and little mexican named Hyrum.

Monday, April 18, 2011

18 de abril

well this week was a little boring. actually very boring. i was sick with i guess the flu. so they say. in spanish its gripe, but i think they use gripe for like any kinda of sickness or something... it started tuesday night and i woke up wednesday morning with a massive fever of like 102, i think more. i was HOT. so we went to this hermanas house and she took care of me. she rubbed my head and my feet!! haha it was amazing. she rubbed my feet because they were freezing and she said it would help so i didnt stop her. obvi. free foot massage. score! so ya i was like dying on wednesday. thursday was a tad better, but still dying. friday was better. went to tianguis, but i shouldnt have. then saturday i worked with elder ferlin in his area and i shouldnt have because i got worse again. sunday after church i was kinda dying again. but its like different know. i cough still a lot and my head hurts but my throat like killed, could barely swallow my own spit. i feel like its not really the back of my throat. it feels like the entire neck is messsed up. but today is a little better, still hurts a lot. but were going to the doctor tomorrow. and im excited because its at the temple!

so monday night we ate with a fam and we ate posole. its like a hot soup and you put lettuce and stuff in it and you eat it with tostadas. well the type we had was like cut up pig face. wakala. it was creepy. the hermana pulled half a pig face out of the soup and then chopped it all up in little pieces. it wasnt that bad, but the thought made it hard to eat.. i had a little piece of the nose bone in my bowl. i knew it was the nose cause it had a hole.. i thought i was supposed to eat it cause i didnt know it was a bone but i spit it out when i realized it was hard.. haha.

tuesday the president came and interviewed the zone. it was good, we just talked about how my spanish is coming along and some other random stuff. it was all good. i think he likes me cause i had a big smile on. hehe.

nothing really funny happened this week except when i was with elder ferlin this group of girls were like, hey gueros come here! so we were like, yes? she started talking to us and we said, we're missionaries and we are here for 2 years serving the lord, and then one asked, why are you 2 so handsome? and elder ferlin was like, well thats just how got made us! i should have said, well were americans! but i didnt. she said she wanted us to go to her house and read the bible to her... but when we turned around to walk away she was like, que nalgas! which is like, nice butts! we said gracias.

well thats about it, changes are tomorrow, but none of us are changing. gonna be here with the same comp in the same place for 6 more weeks... we have a lot of baptisms set up... we shall baptize all of them!!!

sorry the fotos arent very good either, they are really boring... only 2. i feel bad.

oh ya it rained friday! hailed, and saturday. took videos..

love you all!
elder inglish

1. when i was at a members house. she put frozen potatoes on my forehead and a bandana to keep them on. felt good, my head cooked them.

2. shrimp. ate with a member on like thursday.

Monday, April 11, 2011

11 de abril

querido friends y family,

como estan. good i hope. im pretty good. this week we worked really hard and taught a lot of lessons and we have 3 baptismal dates! so there is a little more success... and we are working hard. on the 19th theres changes and i kinda hope i get changed cause i wanna know more of the mission and see different things! one of us will probably leave but we dont know who yet. i think if one doesnt leave then the other will be in this area for like 6 months... i wanna go to like the city parts of D.F. where there is a lot of people and drug lords that want to knife me... haha jk i made that last part up. theyre not drug lords, theyre just normal men that want to knife me.... jk again! there is just a lot more people and i think there is more success. but i like it here because its very chill and most people are super nice... but its super catholic here. they do some weird crazy stuff and chants in the streets and their pics and lil stands with the virgin and jesus on the sides of the roads are super ugly. the jesus is dressed up like a king and he is bleeding all over his face and hands and it says, "the sweet name of jesus". one of the most horrible things ive ever seen....

this week i gave a blessing! in spanish, it was alright. it went well... one of the new baptismal dates i have is with this guy Luis and that was one of the best lessons i gave. i actually taught more than my companion and i asked him if he wanted to be baptized... he said yes. hes cool he lives by himself. in the house next to his parents. thats common here. to live with your fam for a long time haha. the other person is maria teresa, i was with elder aguilar in ameca cause we were doing changes again that day. i dont really know what happened and my comp wont really tell me so ya, thats another! and the third is alfredo but he wont go to church so we have to keep moving back his date. but were working with him. he is like 70 and he lives with his sister and mom and they are super poor and they walk to church and its like an hour walk. well his sister and mom walk...

so Elder Dallin H. Oaks is coming in may and well the president organized a choir and he said he wants people who have been in choir before and wants people with talent and well i went haha and i made it! we practice in Distrito Federal every thursday and this coming thursday will be the first real practice with the set choir. there was like auditions and everything. and there can only be 20 people in the choir in the whole mission and like 50 elders came and i made it! over people who have sung before. haha i just wanted to do it because it is for Elder Oaks! and its gonna be sweet. its like legit too there is an elder that like knows how to conduct a choir and all that stuff so its gonna be sweet. i was surprised that i made it!

yesterday, sunday, was stake conference and it was really sweet too. the president and his wife and their daughter came (president of the mission, Chavez) and the pres and his wife and others spoke and it was really good! i enjoyed it. there was good talks and there was a choir there from 2 wards and well they were alright. the theme was the mission work and so they sang missionary songs. the last one was the efy medley (as sisters in zion, army of helaman collab) and well it was sweet! it was a little different the way they mixed in together i almost like it more but it was way poderoso y yo sentì el espiritu. still gave me chills!

well ill talk to ya soon! read and pray when?! you know the answer.
elder alex inglish

1. eating pizza that a member made for us. the member lived in mesa and worked at like cafe rio, cheesecake factory, wendys haha and ya he is cool and makes pizza here in my area. but he made american pizza for us! mucho mejor que pizza mexicana...

2. and 3. a drunk guy was sleeping on the sidewalk, like always, and some dogs started licking his head and messing with him but i didnt get pics till he sat up. it was really funny...

4. did splits with elder lopez in tepetlixpa and i wanted a pic here...

Monday, April 4, 2011

4 de abril

dear people,

another week gone by!

time passes by faster and faster. nothing too crazy has happened this week tho. tuesday and wednesday i was in san juan with elder bastidas because my comp and his comp, elder sorenson, are both district leaders and well all the district and zone leaders had a big meeting for 2 days. and well elder bastidas is kinda weird, but nice. but we get a long well. people make fun of him but i try not to. not something missionaries should do. anyways ya hes really new. like 4 weeks in the mission. but hes mexican. and nothing too exciting happened there...

oh ya and thursday elder jimenez who is american but has like 14 monthes in the mission was with me on thurday. hes a little weird too. but we get along well. oh jk that was on friday. thursday i was with my companion. but friday nothing crazy happened as well. we had tianguis and after we had lunch but the hermana wasnt home at the moment so we waited with her kids til she got there and then we waited for the food and then we went to santiago to get my haircut and after we went with Florentino and his fam. my first baptisms. and we had a great lesson. they didnt go to church and we were pretty bummed and stuff. but we found out that they were all sick. we described to him DandC and the PofGP. cause he bought the triple. his homework was to read the introductions haha. hes excited to learn. then we had a little meeting back in ozumba with the bishop and we just talk about the investigators we have and what not. pretty good.

conference was well, okay i guess. i was really just bummed and sad the entire time because the english wasnt working and i had to listen to everything in spanish. and well its hard to understand something like a long talk or long conversations in spanish. well conversations not so much....but to be able to get stuff out of conference was really hard. i got close to nothing. its really sad for me to think about. but its all good. i felt the spirit and power of the prophets. the spirit of god was amazing. by the choir. all the music was in english still and the songs on the screen were in english and some people were trying to sing in english and they were just laughing, haha. but i sang in english loud and proud. people thought i was cool...

oh ya so May 17th Dallin H. Oaks is coming! and also another guy from the 70. to speak to all the mission. pretty sweet eh? i heard one time that elder Christofferson came and he just like planched (dont know the word in english, thats actually spanglish) everyone. this mission was really bad before. president chavez was super super new like 3 days into his mission. and well the president before was really laid back and let people do some dumb stuff. but pres. chavez is pretty hard core and lays down the law. i hear we are really close to getting email taken away! that would suck. its cause dumb elders are going on facebook. i hope it doesnt get taken away.... one stupid elder even added the president as a friend! haha he was leaving a week later so he just did it.. pretty dumb.

well things get better every week. im trying to be like jesus, im following in his ways.....haha. good song. i hope i am bringing blessings to my family. i am trying my hardest to be the best and do whats right. i still am very new. ill have 5 months the 17th of april! i hope youre all behaving.

read and pray erryday,
elder inglish

1. looking down on a tiny lil house, they are members

2. and 3. my new haircut. call it the carl inglish. aka my fav. grandpa

4. the peña family. husband and wife are exmissionaries and they are awesome.

5. a part member family that we had fhe with. a massive plan of salvation lesson. 2 daughters and their husbands arent members. want to be so bad, but "cant."