Monday, June 27, 2011

27 de junio

dear loved ones,

another week in the mission. mission of the lord. ya. thats right. im on the lords errand. woot woot! me and my new companion get along really well. we´ll probably be friends after the mission haha. and we are having a lot of success and fun. fun in a good way. as in having success = having fun. who wants to guess what our goal for the month of july is... thats right, nueve! or nine for those who dont know what nueve is.. ha i mean its just a goal, but we put 9 of our best investigators together and its what the goal is! and we wanna do it! and we will.

some investigators we have that we think we can baptize are rosario, norma, daughter of norma and her husband hugo, the sanchez family of 4, genoveva and her 3 daughters, luis alberto, abigaíl and her husband ariam and son armando, and ignacio and his wife and johana.

rosario has a date for the 9th of july and quit smoking and dring coffee all in one!

norma and hugo are getting baptized this friday and also married on thursday the day before! the mom norma wants to get baptized but she still has some doubts so we hope that after the baptism of her daughter she will wants to be baptized!

the sanchez family is a family that my comp found a couple days before i got here and they gave the dad a blessing because he has a heart problem and now we teach them and they are listening to us and wanna go to church and all that good stuff.

genoveva and her 3 daughters we some people we found contacting and we went to their house and they listened and learned and want to go to church too!

luis alberto has a date for 16th of july. he has been attending church for 5 years and still doesnt know if he should be baptized... we left with the compromiso that he needs to pray with a sincere heart, having a true intention and having faith in jesus christ. and with that he can pray and receive an answer if the things are true.

abigaíl and her fam went to church this sunday and well i havent had the chance to teach them yet but they are super nice and so we will see what happens with them. my comp says they are really good.

and ignacio and his are people that have been attending church for a long time and we didnt know that they were investigators! so they should be baptized.

and johanna is a joven (youth) of like 16 years and she was really receptive. she told us she wants to be baptized but she needs to talk to her mom first. the next cita is tomorrow so we will see what happens!

well thats about it for now... i love all of you and miss you. i hope everyone is being good and "using good judgement" -scott inglish

love elder inglish

1. elder nájera and i in tianguis

2. from last area with bishop and his family

3. my old mission leader, ismael toledano.

4. the tenorio family from last area.

5. the new district. ha.

Monday, June 20, 2011

20 de junio


a lot has happened this week...

ALOT. tuesday the president came to the zone to have a zone conference to say goodbye to us because we are gonna be in the new mission in july. and so we listened to him and his wife talk and after we ate a little food and hung out.

wednesday was pretty normal and we just worked as normal and stuff... i dont think again crazy happened..

thursday, had divisions with the new missionary from peru. elder Carrillo. we call him medio missionary because hes super short. haha. well that day went pretty well. he loves to contact people and so we contacted a lot that day. and i am pretty sure he didnt stop talking all day. but hes a good missionary. hes a convert of 4 years. that day we gave a triple (b of m, d and c, p of gp) to an investigator that wants to read more of the church because he already read the b of m. he is chosen. he will be baptized.. then we had a really good appt with julieta who finally is progressing and went to church and well the cita was almost over after like 45 minutes... but then i asked her, if you were to pray and ask god if you should be baptized, and you got an answer, would you follow it? and she went off for like 30 more minutes and said, "actually i have a confession to make... when you guys wanted me to pray after like the 2nd appt i got an answer and it was indescribable the feeling i had. it was amazing...." then i was like, what the!! i never knew that! but she says that the answer that she got was that she should keep listening to us and do the things we say.. then we talked a little more and before we left i said, will you pray to know that god wants you to be baptized? and she said yes of course, she also said when she receives an answer she will get baptized.... so ya, she will be baptized....

friday, during tianguis (an open air market or bazaar that is traditionally held on certain market days in a town or city neighborhood in Mexico) elder ferlin gave me some crazy and shocking news... special changes.... for the zone Ermita in the Delegation Iztacalco en Distrito Federal. i was in shock. because i was sure i would stay in the new mission. so after tianguis we ate with the bishop and his fam and we said goodebye and the hermana started crying... so sad. haha. never would have expected this coming. so we went and taught some really poor people in a really small and poor pueblo and put more baptism dates... ha no big deal...

saturday i came and arrived here with Elder Najera from Guadalajara. he is way sweet and we get along great. well be friends after the mission. haha. were gonna have a lot of success here...

well i gotta go! sorry, i actually have more to write but we have a meeting to go to. adios!

love elder inglish

1. random pic with new comp, elder najera

2. y 3. getting my shoes polished before the goodbye conference

4. la zona volcanes y la familia chavez

5. me with some biking gloves ha

Monday, June 13, 2011

13 de junio

well this week was a little rough.. well just one day kinda.. mas o menos..

on tuesday we had tianguis as usual and we only got one reference.. but after we went to Chimal to eat lunch and she made us burritos!! how rare was that?! haha. flour tortillas hardly exist here! they were amazing tho... i loved them. they had some yummy meat mixture inside... and one was bean and cheese. then we went to santiago to find some new people and talk to references. we went to a house where a German lived. he wasnt there. but like an hour later we were riding around on our sweet bicis (short for bicicleta, or bike) and some guy came up to us and was like, "hey, listen brothers, i wanna change my life. i dont do very good things... i drink a lot...." then i was like well you found the right people! haha. well at this moment he was like half drunk, but not like a lot a lot. we gave him the gospel of J.C. pamphlet and also the word of wisdom, but he already had the word of wisdom. haha. he said he got it from tianguis one day. then we set up an appt for sunday, but he wasnt there, but he was in the taxi when we got in there! so we set up another appt. afterwards we returned to ozumba to finish off the night and we went to teach a women named laura but she wasnt there, but her sister in law daniela was there and we taught a sweet lesson and invited her to be baptized, but she had to think about it first then we committed her to pray. she said she would.

then on wednesday we went to Victors house, who is a old investigator from past missionaries and he also came to tianguis one day and so we got his info and went to his house. we come to find out that he has already read the book of mormon. all of it. he says that its great and it truly helped him and strengthened his faith. he kinda didnt like the parts that were super bloody tho haha. but we taught about the restoration and well he already new some stuff. but we showed him the part in the intro that says if the b of m is true, then J.S. was a prophet and the church of J.C. of LDS is the only true church in the world.. he was silenced by that and our testimonies. then we talked about how today we have prophets and apostles in the world again. then he asked how he can listen and hear the words of the prophets. and we showed him the church website and he said he was gonna check it out. them we set up another appt for him later in the week and i told him when we come back were gonna bring you church magazines to read that have talks by the apostles and prophets and also a video of Jose Smith. we went to his house but he was really busy but we gave him the magazines and the movies and he was super grateful! i believe he is escogido...(chosen)

on thursday we went to julietas house who is a really old investigator. we talked to her and let her know we have patience with her and we arent there to win a baptism. after talking for a while we finally came to the conclusion that she believes everything and knows everything but just doesnt know if the church is true yet... then i was like have you ever been to church? and she was like, well no. and i was like entonces! how do you think you can find out? then she said, well maybe i should go to church. i said that sounds like a great idea! then we started talking more and she was saying how she is going thru tough times right now and she is like divorcing her husband and other stuff. she just feels like right now she has a lot going on and a lot of loads on her back... fast forward to sunday to gospel priciples class and what does the teacher talk about? how baptism and the holy ghost and god and all that good stuff can help us with heavy loads we have... coincidence? i think not. oh ya btw julieta was there in that class... we have a cita (appt.) on jueves this week and well see what happened and what she thought...

friday we had a family home evening with the familia tenorio. who has older kids who arent baptized. we talked about how families can be together for ever through heavenly fathers plan. then we read parts from the proclamation to the world. afterwards we ate cake and celebrated the birthday for elder manzanares. it was a good night..

saturday we were supposed to have a baptism for Daniela. a little sister of an hermana in the ward. there was a lot of complications that day. first there wasnt any baptism clothes for her anywhere. no one had any! we called like 3 bishops and the stake president. then we finally decided she would use my pants and a smalll shirt. then we went to fill the font. and well the water here is a little dirty so we bought some blue water coloring. we opened it and nothing was coming out! so then i squeezed it super hard and guess what happened? yes, the top flew off and half the bottle went into the water. the water was sooooooo blue. it was actually kinda pretty... haha (check photos) but ya we didnt end up baptising be continued bwhahahaha tell ya next week i gotta go.

love elder inglish

1. found a scorpion in the house

2. y 3. elder manzanares`s birthday

4, 5, 6. preparing the baptismal font after the accident... haha pretty funny stuff.

Monday, June 6, 2011

6 de junio

hello all you beautiful people.

well, here again. in the same area. ugh. its getting really old. its hard. but im gonna etch some ganas and go to work. (spanglish) we americans always talk in spanglish. its fun. so ya i got a new comp. elder fox. from kentucky. hes a good missionary so we get along. he could be my only american comp in the mission so im going to try to enjoy the time with my paisano. (person from same counrty). well this week we worked prettty hard... we gotta find more people to teach and get more investigadores that wanna progress. we have like 13. by next week we should have like 16. and we gotta get more! bwahahahaha.

so ya me and elder fox are contacting more and using the area folder to find old investigators to teach and try to get them going again... we went and talked to a reference and she already had the folletos (pamphlets) and had the book of mormon and was already reading it! when we went to talk to her she was happy. we were like when can we visit for an appt?! she was like, listen, you have done more than enough for me and more than you know.... and we were like huh? then she says, before i was super dramatic and super depressed and super etc. then i was like well thats why we are here. to help you. then she was like, ya but listen i work everyday all day with 2 jobs and i get home at 11:30 p.m. and i was like its cool, well visit you here at your magazine store thingy. then she was like i would like that but people are always coming up and buying stuff and i dont wanna get interrupted.. so ya long story short we left a little sad. but were gonna go next time and teach the dia de reposo (day of rest, sabbath day) and promise her blessings and what not... we´ll see what happens... i hope we can help her. say some prayers... her name is josephina.

well i dont have much time left... i gotta go eat soon.. i hope everyone back in az is doing good! i love and miss all you people.

elder inglish

1,2,3: the district and the zone leaders

4. me and my papi Moyano

5. ELDER ERICKSEN!!! im gonna miss him. hes staying in the south mission and im gonna be in the southeast. :(