Monday, June 6, 2011

6 de junio

hello all you beautiful people.

well, here again. in the same area. ugh. its getting really old. its hard. but im gonna etch some ganas and go to work. (spanglish) we americans always talk in spanglish. its fun. so ya i got a new comp. elder fox. from kentucky. hes a good missionary so we get along. he could be my only american comp in the mission so im going to try to enjoy the time with my paisano. (person from same counrty). well this week we worked prettty hard... we gotta find more people to teach and get more investigadores that wanna progress. we have like 13. by next week we should have like 16. and we gotta get more! bwahahahaha.

so ya me and elder fox are contacting more and using the area folder to find old investigators to teach and try to get them going again... we went and talked to a reference and she already had the folletos (pamphlets) and had the book of mormon and was already reading it! when we went to talk to her she was happy. we were like when can we visit for an appt?! she was like, listen, you have done more than enough for me and more than you know.... and we were like huh? then she says, before i was super dramatic and super depressed and super etc. then i was like well thats why we are here. to help you. then she was like, ya but listen i work everyday all day with 2 jobs and i get home at 11:30 p.m. and i was like its cool, well visit you here at your magazine store thingy. then she was like i would like that but people are always coming up and buying stuff and i dont wanna get interrupted.. so ya long story short we left a little sad. but were gonna go next time and teach the dia de reposo (day of rest, sabbath day) and promise her blessings and what not... we´ll see what happens... i hope we can help her. say some prayers... her name is josephina.

well i dont have much time left... i gotta go eat soon.. i hope everyone back in az is doing good! i love and miss all you people.

elder inglish

1,2,3: the district and the zone leaders

4. me and my papi Moyano

5. ELDER ERICKSEN!!! im gonna miss him. hes staying in the south mission and im gonna be in the southeast. :(

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