Monday, May 23, 2011

23 de mayo

dear you,

well a good week has passed by i would say... we taught a lot, found new people, listened to an apostle!!!, went like 50 miles an hour on our bikes...jk jk only like 40, and found un joven de oro! thats a kid whose family goes to church and so does he but hes not baptized so we teach him and baptize him. his name is victor and he is 15. he wants to be baptized.. so were grateful.

so on tuesday Elder Oaks came.. AMAZING. he talked about revelation and how we can receive it and all the different ways we can receive it. he talked in english and had a translater... he was funny, and cool. Sister Oaks also talked and also a guy from the Quorum of the 70 and his wife and the Pres and his wife shared testimonies.. it was awesome. he also greeted everyone personally. and he looked at me and said, Inglish? what an interesting last name... and i think that was it. haha but he is super nice and cool.

on wednesday we had divisions and elder ferlin came to my area. we rode the bikes in the morning and took some sweet pics.. we worked pretty good together. we contacted and found 4 new people in that day.

on thursday and friday me and my companion went to Tepecoculco on the bikes and well we havent been there very much and its a really big spread out pueblo... so we looked for some references that we had and contacted and what not...

on saturday Elder jimenez, who is 100% American came to my area and we worked really good! taught a lot, went with less actives, contacted, taught the priesthood to Luis haha, we did it all. this week was a really good week.

yesterday we went to the branch we have in Tepecoculco and that was good, there is like a total of 60 people there. the members were kinda...cold to us. like they are like, elderes, there is a lot of work here and we have a lot of references for you and we know people that wanna be baptized...

and well they dont realize that we arent here to make wards grow, we are here to make the church in total grow. we have a lot of work and a lot of people to teach and well they probably think we are fritos or something... but we arent! but we couldnt really work there because we didnt have bikes before and now that we do we are gonna work there more..

changes are next tuesday and well i hope i leave and stay in the mexico city south mission, the mission right now, but its gonna split and well this zone im in will be another mission... dont have time to explain more of that haha... but i love you all.

read and pray erryday,
Elder Alex Inglish

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