Monday, April 30, 2012

30 de abril

dear friends and family,

well this week was my last week in Ermita! and im leaving tomorrow! wahoo! happy, but kinda sad. as always. but its normal to feel this way when you leave an area. im going to the branch Campestre. its kind of dangerous over there, but the people are a lot more receptive. ill be in the same chapel i was in in my last area, Ixtla. so i will see members from that ward and my converts! including Captain Mario Hook who i baptized in november and he already has the melkizidek priesthood! he'll be happy to see me!

this week we found a sister who is a good member and keeps the commandments and believes everything but is inactive... and well she had like a super bad day and has had a really hard life en total and has gone down a hard path in the gospel with some personal problems and some stupid members. anyways... the other day she went to an interview and left her wallet  there and the guy stole 3000 pesos from her which is the food for her daughter for the month and she was crying and super sad and we felt super bad and we offered her help with money and she didnt want it. but we left and in front of her house is a dominos pizza and i bought it for her and her daughter and we had the delivery guy go and deliver it to her. she ended up calling us and crying and she was so happy.

well, gotta go. love you and ill see you in 6 and a half months! not that im counting down ehh...

love elder inglish

Monday, April 23, 2012

23 de abril

time sure goes by fast... we are starting the last week of this transfer and i think i finally might leave Ermita! im gonna complete 4 transfers here. 6 months! thats a lot. but the time has gone by pretty fast. but ya im kinda ready for something new! a new zone, a new area, new comp, new ward, etc. but obvi ill go where He wants me to go. who knows, ha maybe ill stay here again!

hmmm....what happened this week......

oh! so there is this apartment building RIGHT in front of the church and we decided to enter and knock the doors. theres probably about 15 doors and we got about half way and i knocked one and we presented ourselves and what we do and all that jazz and afterward the lady was like, "we're catholic, does it matter?" and i was like OF COURSE NOT!! haha so we walked in and we noticed that they were kinda poor. we sat down and all of a sudden kids started popping out of nowhere! like 4 or 5! and all but one are younger than 8.... and the 2 boys that are like 6 and 8 were like "hey we know you!" and in my head i was like, what are these kids talking about, ive never seen them in my life.. so i was like, oh ya? have you seen us around? and they say, "not your companion, just you! we fought with guns one time!" and i was like, guns? when have i ever played with guns? i was super confused so i just sat there thinking for a long time......then they we like, "in the window in front of the church!"

then it finally hit me! i pretty much just started laughing like crazy and everyone else had that look on their face like we were crazy. one time with my last comp we were standing outside the church on the grass and i looked up at this building in front and in the window of the second floor 2 kids with toy guns were like shooting us. and i said to my comp WATCH OUT! (pointing at the window) then we began to do somersaults in the grass and we hid behind trees and walls and we started defending ourselves! using only 2 hand grenades i had on my belt loops and my 5-finger pistol (my hand-for all that didnt get it). i started firing back! we played for like 5 minutes and it was pretty fun.. then i said, "that was like 4 months ago!" and they responded, "we know but it was so fun!" 

anyways, we just kinda got to know them and talked a little about Jesus and the BofM and we sang them a hymn and we have an appt tomorrow! we'll see how it goes.

the Lord puts MANY people in our path. and when we are guided by the spirit we find them. 

6 And I was aled by the Spirit, not bknowing beforehand the things which I should do. 

7 Nevertheless I went forth,....

1 Nephi 4: 6-7

with love,
elder inglish

Monday, April 16, 2012

16 de abril

dear friends and fam,

well this week was good because we could baptize a fam and help them make their first covenant with God. it was a great baptismal service and members came and helped and shared messages and it was super spiritual. the fam is now super content and happy with the decision they have made.

throughout the week we didnt have too much success with anything else. we taught lessons and we were able to put another baptismal date, but that was pretty much it... nothing else too exciting. still working hard and trying to save souls! and the Lord blesses us when we are obedient and look for his lost children. because when we look for them with diligence, we can find the ones that are ready to listen to the restored gospel and make convenios con Dios [covenants with God]. 

love you!
elder inglish


baptism of Monica, Priscilla, and Octavio (from right to left)

my comp baptized Monica and her son Octavio and i baptized Priscilla.

Monday, April 9, 2012

9 de abril

dear friends and fam,

well this week i was in the hospital! cool huh? i ate some pozole and got sick in the stomach and well i didnt feel very well at all. i stayed in the hospital for 4 days, 3 nights and ate cooked apples and jello and some atole like 50 times. the same food for 4 days, 3 times a day! i was pretty sick of it. but ya i left that place and now im back to working but this week was pretty crummy.  obvi cause we didnt get to work. so ya no worries. everythings all good now, mother.

well other than being in the hospital all week nothing else really happened. were gonna baptize 3 on saturday and confirm them on sunday so im excited for that!

gotta go! love you!
elder inglish


with some investigators dressed in some huipiles.

in the hospital hooking me up to I.V.

my name on the board in the hospital!

one of those stuffed animals that turns into a pillow! its an elephant. a fam came and visited me in the hospital and one of the girls were gonna baptize gave me it!

haha. a face mask

Monday, April 2, 2012

2 de abril

to whom it may concern:

wow its already april! what a goood Gen. Conf. right? loved it. loved the choir too. they sang 2 of my favorite hymns! Lead Kindly Light and Come Thou Fount.

so im in an internet cafe right now and i think the guy here is in love with Avril lavigne because ive heard about 100 different Avril songs haha. hey hey you you!

well this week we were able to find more new people and put more dates for baptism and teach some good lessons. we have 3 planned for the 7th but only 2 went to the church this week and the other needs to go again and i think they wanna get baptized together so we might run it back a week. the 14th. then we have 1 for the 21st and 3 for the 28th. hopefully it all works out. this work is true and super real and i hope you all share it back at home. i hope we can put in our lives the words of the prophets we heard this weekend. they were amazing. inspirational. straight from the MASTER.

love elder inglish 

teaching to a parakeet.

found my convert Mario! the one with a hook for a hand. he was baptized in november and he already has the melkezidek priesthood! usually converts have to wait a year.. cool huh? i guess he gives blessings with one hand.

hand stands

zone leaders sleeping in gen. conf. jk but it looks like they dont have heads (hint: use imagination)