Monday, September 26, 2011

26 de septiembre

well this week was another really good week. a lot has happened the past 2 weeks... mario who has a hook for a hand was gonna be baptised, but we found out he killed someone... crazy ehh? he says he was drunk but it was self defense anyways. and he was already in jail and paid the fines and what not. and he still really wants to get baptized... but we had to change his date for like 1 or 2 of october. this week. he wants me to baptise him, i might be the only missionary to baptize someone with a hook for a hand! sweet.
but ya we also baptised 2 señoritas yesterday... pretty chido. there names are carmen and ana laura. weve been teaching them for like than a month but they were like super chosen... ana lauras dad lives in new york and just got baptized and he was like, hey go to this church, and then we found her and boom shes swimming in the agua! clean of sins...
and carmen, we found her in the market one day and we contacted her and she was like, no i dont really have time and i work a lot, but she sells table cloth things and no one ever buys table cloths! and well i think i just started teaching her anyways... and boom! baptism. <3 :)
we have seen so many blessing here in this area.. we got here with like nothing pretty much and now me and my comp have seen lots of miracles and success. we now have 15 progressing investigators, which isnt super good like i would like, but its still goood...
never stop believing and having faith. after the trial of faith and diligent work comes the miracles. and we have been working our nalgas off! en serio (seriously).
well thats all i got for now...
love you
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1. me and my boy dylan
2. my new ties from the hernadez fam

Monday, September 12, 2011

12 de septiembre

well this week went by really well actually.

we taught a lot and put more baptism dates and the area is actually growing. i can see that its actually growing from our efforts here. its kinda cool to see that after coming to a dead area and an area that had a lot of problems before. we are starting to progress a lot again...

the members here are getting better. last sunday we started at like 8:30 and yesterday it was only like 8:20! so its getting better. haha. oh yeah, its supposed to start at 8...

so we got some sweet investigators. have i told you about the ex alcoholic named Mario? he has a hook for a hand. and he came to church yesterday and hes so cool! he also "killed a christian", which is a phrase which means you killed someone but it doesnt necessarily mean you killed a christian... but ya, Pres. Chavez will have to interview him... but hes way cool and reads and studies and wants to follow christ and keep going to church and be obedient, so hes ready! also got Ana Laura who is just like this 27 year old innocent woman who has a dad in NY who just got baptized and now she just wants to be baptized too! she was ready before we found her. then carmen who is like the same haha. her friend is a member and she just wants it soo bad! so were like, okay cool with us! and well thats just few of the many investigators we have progressing...

so my bday was pretty cool i guess. the first in the mish. got 2 ties and some cake from a fam and also cake from my district and a package from my wonderful mother full of ties and cookies and goodies! including a pink tie with roses. which i dont think i am ever going to wear.... sorry mom. <3

umm... my comp tripped and fell this week it was kinda funny.... he was embarrassed.

well i gotta go but keep reading and praying all of you! and follow the spirit.

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1. my cake!

2. me with the fam

3. cuttin the cake

Monday, September 5, 2011

5 de septiembre

what a great, sad, and super tiring week...
during the week was super good. well, most parts. we taught a bunch of lessons and found some really good peoople. but we had a goal of putting 5 new baptism dates this week and only put one.... but except for that, the rest of the week went super well. oh but minus sunday... ZERO investigators came. 0. i was super sad. 1. because they all promised they would come and 2. we even passed by the house of a family of 4 and they didnt wake up. it was fast sunday and so i bore my testimony of course, but as i was finishing i started to cry, but it wasnt cause of my testimony that i cried, it was because of this ward i am in. it has some serious problems. it makes me super sad. and its not the bishop, its the members. actually the bishop has been bishop for 12 years now. in this same ward. but its because no one else can actually be the bishop... i feel like there is something we have to do, but i dont know what it would be...
thanks for all who told me happy birthday. i love you all. <3
well some quick stuff that happened this week... the fam that just got here from the USA said that they dont have time to listen to us...well the dad said that, and it was super sad to hear it. my heart dropped. we went to our house and ate and i was like, compa we're gonna fast. so we did. we'll see what happens there.
i ate a kinda good/but mostly gross sandwich... i dont know why i even did it... i honestly should probably repent for it... it was a triple decker, pb and j and nutella. it sounded good in my mind... big mistake haha.
we contacted a girl who was like, wow, this morning i was crying a lot and i prayed and asked for a sign from god and now you guys are talking to me...thats crazy. i think i should i should probably listen...
sweet ehh...
a sister of an investigator told me that i have to take her to az when i come home and she says she wants to marry me. shes like 50. 
one time we contacted a buddist. she was way cool but a little crazy and honestly didnt know what she believed...she said she didnt believe in god. a cockroach passed in front of me and i stepped on it and she was like, NO!!!
then i was like oh....woops....
then she says, you just killed a creation of god.
and i was like, i thought you didnt believe in god...
she was quiet for a while, but i felt bad for killing the cockroach.
well ya thats about it...
gotta go!
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