Monday, March 26, 2012

26 de marzo

dear friends and fam

this week was pretty good! it was ward conference and it was pretty spiritual! there was a ward choir and they sang A poor way fairing man of grief, and my heavenly father loves me. it was cool because in the second hymn there were 2 people playing the piano and it was super cool! haha

only 5 investigators came to church, out of the 11 that said they would come, but it was all good. they felt the spirit. yesterday we put a baptismal date with one that went. things are going a lot better. whenever we just do the work and do what the Lord asks, He will always be by our side to help us. 

welp, g2g! love you all
elder inglish

Monday, March 19, 2012

19 de marzo

bueno, this week went pretty good. we were able to teach, find new investigators, and we finally received some good references from the ward and i FINALLY baptized! i went on like a 17 week drought! that was like the most horrible time of my life...but the Lord has special plans for all of His children.
this transfer ended and last night we received the changes aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, im staying. for my fourth transfer in this area! i got here in November! that was so long ago... and i also have the same comp.
its been neato seeing the Lord put His hand in the work. we have just been working and working  and doing our best to be obedient and our best to teach the people the restored gospel and be smart missionaries. and when we do everything we can, God always finishes the job and completes with His part. i love the Lord. and i love you.
Elder Inglish
p.s. we contacted a lady this week and she was like, "no! your just gonna try and brainwash me!" and she slammed the door...
fotos: baptism of Argelia (the bigger lady) and baptism of Ofelia (the older lady, with her son that baptized her)


Monday, March 12, 2012

12 de marzo

welp, this week was a little better. even though Lorena, Rut, y Andrea didnt go to church so we have to change their baptismal date. but its all good. they have a real big desire. they just have been busy with personal problems. someone broke into their other house and they are super busy trying to get that all settled and well of course Satan is just attacking them so they cant get baptized. but remember, the good guys always win. :)

yesterday we also had 2 new investigators that we didnt even know come to church with a member. thats about the first reference i have recieved in this ward! haha but they loved church and were gonna go see them tomorrow. we also were accompanied by the mission leader and his lil bro that just got home from the mish to a lesson and we put 3 baptismal dates with a family. Maricarmen, Mariana, y Andrea. so things should be speeding up a little... poco a poco.

we also are gonna baptize on friday and sunday. FINALLY!!! :)
the Lord is always by our side. even when we least expect it. when i do all i can to work hard and have success and help people come unto Christ and i just give it my all, the Lord jumps in and puts His hand in the work for the extra push. but not just for me, for ALL of you as well.

Alma 36: 24
24 Yea, and from that time even until now, I have labored without ceasing, that I might bring souls unto arepentance; that I might bring them to btaste of the exceeding joy of which I did taste; that they might also be cborn of God, and be dfilled with the Holy Ghost.

i know this is the Lords work. and we all can partake in it.

elder inglish

la segunda vision - the "second" vision... ;) 
hole in my shoe!
bowling and burritos


Monday, March 5, 2012

5 de marzo

well, not a super good week, but we are still working hard and not gonna get discouraged. only one person came to church yesterday and 4 other people we have with baptismal dates didnt make it and so now we have to change the dates... kinda stinks, but thats the way things have to be sometimes... its still hard finding people that want to listen to us, but we are contacting a lot to try and find those people that are ready to listen and who want to come unto christ. 
actually, yesterday for almost 2 hours we did divisions and i went with the ward mission leader and my comp went with his lil bro who got home like 5 days ago from his mish and we just straight up contacted in the streets and knocked doors and were able to find some people that said yes to put an appt. so we will go with them and help them to come unto Christ and all that jazzz...
you like the videos from last week? they were from a kid were teaching. he beatboxxed in one and the other like hung in the air holding onto a vertical pole. haha super random...
well, gotta go, but pray for the missionaries in the world, sometimes we really need your blessings... this is all true, i know it and you all SHOULD know it. share what has changed your life with others.
elder inglish