Thursday, January 27, 2011

27 de enero

well i am still here! at the mtc...

welp, i started my 12th week yesterday. we are some of the oldest at the entire mtc! but they finally started calling mexico missions to go down to the consulate to sign for their visas. mission by mission. yesterday was the Merida mission or something... no me importa. but there is a lot of missions in mexico but we should get called to go down any day now... prob wont leave for like another week or so tho to actually go the mission field.

things here are getting a little different i guess... my teachers next district comes this next wednesday so we will prob be put with the next oldest district which is like 3 weeks old haha. well the next one is like 2 weeks younger than us, but they leave this monday for dallas and costa rica. but these extra weeks that we have been here i have learned so much more extra stuff and we have been throwing down espanol left and right! izquiera y derecha! jaja.

entonces, i do wanna get out of here tho. it is beyond old! so pray for me to get my visa? love you all and so does Dios. Chau.

elder inglish

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 de enero

so i was supposed to leave yesterday!! but no visa! good news tho.. i hear we sign for them tomorrow which means i wont go stateside and i will probably leave monday! it sure is coming fast!

this past week has been pretty similar as all the others... nothing too crazy happening here. everything is still pretty much the same. so maybe the next time you all get a letter from me i will be in mexico! saweeet.

im gonna be a mijicano! hijole. still just workin the spanish and the gospel... spanish is coming better and faster. i just have to start talking more..

im sorry my letters are boring and short but there is honestly nothing to write about at the mtc anymore ...i have been here almost 10 weeks...

promise when i am in mexico i will write longer and better emails because i will have way more time! and way more to write about.. and way more crazy sweet adventures...

hi kaley...

love you all,
elder inglish

Thursday, January 13, 2011

13 de enero

hola! well again i am gonna apologize ahead of time for the email. there is just not that much to talk about here in the mtc where we do the same thing everyday. once i get to the field things will get better and be awesome so i will have lots to write about! oh ya the field. i was scheduled to leave 1/17 but i doubt i will. i will be here just a little longer... i think thats for sure. but i am still not sure whether i will be going stateside or not for the very beginning. but i think that the mexican consulate is getting back to work because elders are leaving today from our zone cause they got their papers yesterday! so i could end up just going to mexico... which would be nice. i kind of just want it that way.. but i kinda dont care as well.

umm..... tuesday fireside was pretty sweet. it was the last fireside for the mtc presidency. i think as of today they are done and the new ones will be active. jeffrey r holland came and gave an amazing talk of course. spirit was way strong and i almost lost it. especially during the closing hymn which was "because i have been given much". i honestly have been given much. too much.. therefore i shall serve the lord with all my heart might mind and strength. the field is white, already to harvest...

well not much else... you all!

love elder inglish

Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 y 6 de enero

feliz ano nuevo! we sure had a crazy new year here. ha not! we just like partied till bed time. which was 10:30. pretty loco i know. we just ran around and ate and made lots of noise with the little blowy things and had hats and ate more. no new years kiss.... jajaja.

for realzzz tho this week was pretty insane. an elder in our zone ran away! ya he has always been pretty weird... elder jacobsen. he has a problem with his thyroid gland and he was on some intense meds so we thought he was just out of his mind. he said he was going to the bathroom, but he just booked it i guess! later that night we found out he made it to his aunts house down the street. his aunt ended up calling the mtc and long story short he is back here and said he wants to go home. but his amazing companion who is elder nielson from hawaii got him to stay. we had all been praying for him.

but last night he started packing a lot of stuff and he was saying he was just packing stuff he doesnt need....

sorry ran out of time on tuesday day.

but elder jacobsen did end up leaving. i guess he is just on medical leave. but honestly this was the best place for him. this is where the Lord wants him. he didnt know this at the time, but his parents are losing their house. and now he is probably not going to want to come back when he sees what his family is struggling with. if he stayed here he could have blessed his family a lot. i have heard numerous stories of families being blessed while they have a son or daughter out in the field. but he promised his companion that he would return when he can. and his parents want him here too. as did we all.

well everything else is well here... learning and teaching and talking spanish more and more everyday. God sure blesses us a lot. i never knew this much spanish and gospel doctrine in my life! learned more here than i ever learned back at home. well i best be going... love you all! yes. especially you. you know who you are.

elder inglish