Monday, April 25, 2011

25 de abril

well this week was cool/weird/sad. on tuesday there was changes but no one got changed. the district is all the same except elder nuñez left to go home and now we have elder reyes... he knows sooo much and knows how to do everything really good, but he just doesnt want to. but hes cool and all. were pretty cuate. but ya on tuesday i was still a little sick so we went to the mission doctor who is all the way at the temple and it was sweet! temple is big and beautiful and awesome! and we walked thru the visitors center too... it was sweeet. but my camera wasnt working so i dont have any pics... sorry! after the doctor we went to burger king cause we didnt have a meal date for that day. OMG it was soooo good. i miss american food! there is nothing like a mcdonalds or BK or anything in my zone. just taco stands.. i didnt even really like those places before, but now they are amazing!

thursday we went back to D.F. for choir practice which is pretty chido tambien. its coming together really nicely. we are singing i know that my redeemer lives for Elder Oaks may 17th. verses 1,2, 4 are spanish and verse 3 is in english! its way sweet. the president was there the last practice and he loved it.. yo sè que vive mi señor. :)

on friday and saturday there was a live reenactment of the resurrection of jesus christ! la passiòn de cristo en vive. theres like posters everywhere. ya, the people are crazy here. theres like a mexican jesus christ and he is like pushed around and hit and taken back and forth from place to place and a guy reads from the bible and well its sad and pathetic. the catholics do this crazy stuff like this because they think its good and forgives there sins. so ya we were waiting for like 30 minutes for an hermano to get home so we could eat and so we watched it and took pics and and stuff. its like real. they hit him, spit on him, everything. the only thing they dont do is nail the hands. they just tie them. but they actually do that in another zone! in Itzapalapa. a guy gets paid to do it! pretty loco ehh?

on saturday, idk why, but on this day once a year people are in the calles or on the top of their houses and they throw water or water balloons at people! all day! its just a tradition they have. we were at lunch and i looked out the window and and saw some girls just chillin waitin to get people and i was on the second floor and i dumped my lemonade on them and they saw me and were like Ooooooooh white boy! get down here! and ya it was funny. we left out the back door so they didnt follow us. bwahahahaha....

sunday we went to Tlalamac really early before church started and we went to look for our investigadores so they could go to church with us.. but one, Alfredo, said he was gonna go and stuff and so we were just waiting for his mom and sister to finish getting ready (they are members) and we were about to leave and he started saying like i cant go i cant leave my house someone will come and rob me. and we were like no God will protect your house and your things if you go to church and then he was like i cant leave my little cat alone... and so ya he didnt go. then we went to another family's house and of course the husband had the flu, cough cough. he was lying tho. but we are doing the same thing next sunday. but we got to church without investigators and left with 2 more! there was a sister in law of a member and some dude who is like 15 and we talked to them and we are gonna start teaching them so at least God blessed us with more investigators. :)

today we played some soccer and relaxed and ate! good pday. :) i love you all.

chau, elder inglish

1. my new soccer jersey with my name and Zone! its for the team Real Madrid.

2. jesus christ carrying his cross about to be crucified

3. jesus christ getting hit

4. and 5. elder lopezs wrestling mask! sweet. i want one...

6. the dead volcano covered in snow. its actually a girl laying down on her back, if you can tell.

7. random pic of a calle in Tlalamac. poorest part in the entire mission, but this pic says nothing.

8. me, elder ferlin with new soccer jerseys and little mexican named Hyrum.

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