Monday, April 30, 2012

30 de abril

dear friends and family,

well this week was my last week in Ermita! and im leaving tomorrow! wahoo! happy, but kinda sad. as always. but its normal to feel this way when you leave an area. im going to the branch Campestre. its kind of dangerous over there, but the people are a lot more receptive. ill be in the same chapel i was in in my last area, Ixtla. so i will see members from that ward and my converts! including Captain Mario Hook who i baptized in november and he already has the melkizidek priesthood! he'll be happy to see me!

this week we found a sister who is a good member and keeps the commandments and believes everything but is inactive... and well she had like a super bad day and has had a really hard life en total and has gone down a hard path in the gospel with some personal problems and some stupid members. anyways... the other day she went to an interview and left her wallet  there and the guy stole 3000 pesos from her which is the food for her daughter for the month and she was crying and super sad and we felt super bad and we offered her help with money and she didnt want it. but we left and in front of her house is a dominos pizza and i bought it for her and her daughter and we had the delivery guy go and deliver it to her. she ended up calling us and crying and she was so happy.

well, gotta go. love you and ill see you in 6 and a half months! not that im counting down ehh...

love elder inglish

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