Monday, May 7, 2012

7 de mayo

well this was my first week in my new area in the branch Campestre, stake Paraiso with my new comp Elder Aguirre. 

theres a LOT of hills and its a really big area and well theres a LOT of work to do. the people are more poor here and also a little more receptive.  i hope to have a lot of success in this area. i dont think it will be my last area, but i think ill be here till at least september... then finish out in another area. the branch is actually big enough to be a ward, but it has a lot of sisters and needs more brethren and priesthood. but theres some goood members. at church i saw a lot of people i knew from the other ward which was my 3rd area, Ixtla. members, my converts, and a fam that we reactivated. it was really cool to see all of them and their smiles when they saw me. it made me feel loved, and here in the mission its a great feeling...

at church yesterday some recent convert girls of like 10 and 11 years old said to investigators in their testimonies "i hope you stay here and never leave and i know you will never leave because i know you feel the spirit and well you should get baptized because this place is great! youll never regret it!"  and everyone was like laughing and well it was a neat experience to see that. it was a woman with a son and a daughter, and well they said they liked it and are gonna come next week and go to the ward activities on wednesdays. they were a cool blessing from the Lord.

well i hope everyone is being good and choosing the right and GOING TO CHURCH like they know they should...

love you,
elder inglish


1. la familia Valdés. 
2. la familia Franco

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