Monday, April 2, 2012

2 de abril

to whom it may concern:

wow its already april! what a goood Gen. Conf. right? loved it. loved the choir too. they sang 2 of my favorite hymns! Lead Kindly Light and Come Thou Fount.

so im in an internet cafe right now and i think the guy here is in love with Avril lavigne because ive heard about 100 different Avril songs haha. hey hey you you!

well this week we were able to find more new people and put more dates for baptism and teach some good lessons. we have 3 planned for the 7th but only 2 went to the church this week and the other needs to go again and i think they wanna get baptized together so we might run it back a week. the 14th. then we have 1 for the 21st and 3 for the 28th. hopefully it all works out. this work is true and super real and i hope you all share it back at home. i hope we can put in our lives the words of the prophets we heard this weekend. they were amazing. inspirational. straight from the MASTER.

love elder inglish 

teaching to a parakeet.

found my convert Mario! the one with a hook for a hand. he was baptized in november and he already has the melkezidek priesthood! usually converts have to wait a year.. cool huh? i guess he gives blessings with one hand.

hand stands

zone leaders sleeping in gen. conf. jk but it looks like they dont have heads (hint: use imagination)

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