Monday, April 23, 2012

23 de abril

time sure goes by fast... we are starting the last week of this transfer and i think i finally might leave Ermita! im gonna complete 4 transfers here. 6 months! thats a lot. but the time has gone by pretty fast. but ya im kinda ready for something new! a new zone, a new area, new comp, new ward, etc. but obvi ill go where He wants me to go. who knows, ha maybe ill stay here again!

hmmm....what happened this week......

oh! so there is this apartment building RIGHT in front of the church and we decided to enter and knock the doors. theres probably about 15 doors and we got about half way and i knocked one and we presented ourselves and what we do and all that jazz and afterward the lady was like, "we're catholic, does it matter?" and i was like OF COURSE NOT!! haha so we walked in and we noticed that they were kinda poor. we sat down and all of a sudden kids started popping out of nowhere! like 4 or 5! and all but one are younger than 8.... and the 2 boys that are like 6 and 8 were like "hey we know you!" and in my head i was like, what are these kids talking about, ive never seen them in my life.. so i was like, oh ya? have you seen us around? and they say, "not your companion, just you! we fought with guns one time!" and i was like, guns? when have i ever played with guns? i was super confused so i just sat there thinking for a long time......then they we like, "in the window in front of the church!"

then it finally hit me! i pretty much just started laughing like crazy and everyone else had that look on their face like we were crazy. one time with my last comp we were standing outside the church on the grass and i looked up at this building in front and in the window of the second floor 2 kids with toy guns were like shooting us. and i said to my comp WATCH OUT! (pointing at the window) then we began to do somersaults in the grass and we hid behind trees and walls and we started defending ourselves! using only 2 hand grenades i had on my belt loops and my 5-finger pistol (my hand-for all that didnt get it). i started firing back! we played for like 5 minutes and it was pretty fun.. then i said, "that was like 4 months ago!" and they responded, "we know but it was so fun!" 

anyways, we just kinda got to know them and talked a little about Jesus and the BofM and we sang them a hymn and we have an appt tomorrow! we'll see how it goes.

the Lord puts MANY people in our path. and when we are guided by the spirit we find them. 

6 And I was aled by the Spirit, not bknowing beforehand the things which I should do. 

7 Nevertheless I went forth,....

1 Nephi 4: 6-7

with love,
elder inglish

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