Monday, October 3, 2011

dear loved ones,
well another transfer just ended at the speed of light! i cant belive it.. we were only able to baptize two in the last 6 weeks, not too bad but like im saying, we had more planned. oh well, i dont have changes and neither does my companion so that just means our goal for october baptisms will be even higher.
mario is still progressing great. he is the one who has to wait until the first presidency writes president chavez back and says he can be baptised... he also has a sweet hook for a hand. but hes so cool. hes a stud. came to conference and said it was cool!
the week was so-so good, as in like mas o menos good... we worked hard, but we have had better weeks. we hope to be able to baptize more this coming sunday so im excited for that. but i want more work! wow, did alex inglish just say that? i dont know why i like working so much now! i barely passed senior math without doing a single piece of homework! i was a bad example back then. haha. dalan ryan kylie julian alysa and all you little nephews and nieces, study hard in school! and go on missions. its the coolest thing youll ever do. :)
well conference was good! i actually got to listen in english this time! pretty sweet. and powerful. well i gotta go meet up with the others in my district. were going to the center of mexico city! its pretty chido (cool). well paz afuera (peace out) for now!
love elder inglish
1. bowling 2 weeks ago for pday
2. baptism of carmen and ana laura
3. me and elder wardrop tearing up the lanes! 
5. viva mexico

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