Monday, October 17, 2011

17 de octubre

well ill tell you this, we worked our nalgas off this week....

im still tired from it! or maybe its cause i also played some futbol today... quien sabe...

also had lots of sweet experiences. finding new people, puting baptism dates, testifying of the restored truth and well, shoot, im literally called by God to be here.

hmmm some experiences this week... we found a mom and a son named Ester and Angel and they love us. they made us breakfast the other day and invited friends to come over too. they like what we teach, but Ester and her hubby arent married so we gotta work on that... oh ya but the experience, Angel who is a little special and super funny said he had a dream that a giant virgin mary chased him down the stairs and told him that she wasnt real and that the Catholic church isnt true... Crazy huh?!

we contacted a door where a lady that we contacted a long time ago lives and we finally found her. well actually her dughter, Aleytia. and she is so cool and special and idk but we talked to her for the second time yesterday and we just like started to click (me, her and my comp) and introduced ourselves and talked about Christ and how he is so important in our lives and what not and well turns out she is sick. idk what its called but i guess its where she has problems using the bathroom and has to do something special....who knows. but ya shes 21 and after we talked to her at the door the first time and also the second time i said to my comp... hey, idk why, but i love this girl. there is something just super special about her and we need to baptize her. she is escogido (chosen) fo sho..

and well everyday theres great experiences, but i cant remember them all or i dont have time to write them....

but keep choosing the right! i love you all and so does Christ.
Élder Inglish

1. a skull for day of the dead (o sea..dia de los muertos)

2. my bed and clothes and junk with my sweet blanket i bought with tigers on it!

3. viva mexico

4. sweet sunset ehh?

5. me with the sweet sunset (and all the houses that you see go on FOREVER!!! its quite mind boggling...)

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