Monday, September 26, 2011

26 de septiembre

well this week was another really good week. a lot has happened the past 2 weeks... mario who has a hook for a hand was gonna be baptised, but we found out he killed someone... crazy ehh? he says he was drunk but it was self defense anyways. and he was already in jail and paid the fines and what not. and he still really wants to get baptized... but we had to change his date for like 1 or 2 of october. this week. he wants me to baptise him, i might be the only missionary to baptize someone with a hook for a hand! sweet.
but ya we also baptised 2 señoritas yesterday... pretty chido. there names are carmen and ana laura. weve been teaching them for like than a month but they were like super chosen... ana lauras dad lives in new york and just got baptized and he was like, hey go to this church, and then we found her and boom shes swimming in the agua! clean of sins...
and carmen, we found her in the market one day and we contacted her and she was like, no i dont really have time and i work a lot, but she sells table cloth things and no one ever buys table cloths! and well i think i just started teaching her anyways... and boom! baptism. <3 :)
we have seen so many blessing here in this area.. we got here with like nothing pretty much and now me and my comp have seen lots of miracles and success. we now have 15 progressing investigators, which isnt super good like i would like, but its still goood...
never stop believing and having faith. after the trial of faith and diligent work comes the miracles. and we have been working our nalgas off! en serio (seriously).
well thats all i got for now...
love you
elder inglish

1. me and my boy dylan
2. my new ties from the hernadez fam

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