Monday, October 24, 2011

24 de septiembre

the weeks fly by so fast! we are already starting week 4 of 6 this change! crazy stuff... and we still havent baptized!!! but we will do it soon. mario got his letter! so we gotta go tell him whats up and we will probably do it sunday after church.
we were gonna baptize a girl named vanessa who is like 13 but we had to wait another week.. she lives with hermana minerva but the hermana isnt her legal guardian yet so the mom has to give vanessa permission and then the hermana minerva can sign the baptism papers because the person being baptized has to have 18 years...but its all good.
this week went really well actually... we taught a lot and found new people and put new baptism dates! we have a total of nine as of right now.. when i got here there were ZERO! oh but yesterday was so suave....we went to aleytia´s house and their entire fam was there! i think all that live there are like 5 or so... but the mom and the other daughter were busy and the kid was playing marbles and not paying attention... but we taught Aleytia for the third time and her dad for the first. but it was such a perfect lesson. the only problem was it was a little long, but it was so spiritual and they felt it strong and so did we, and well we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ and long story short i believe that the family was ready to listen to us. we put a baptism date for the dad and Aleytia and well i love them. to finish me and my comp sang Venid a mi (Come Follow Me) i almost cried in the lesson. but the dad, Salvador; said the closing prayer and it was sooooooooooooooo powerful. we thought that he was gonna cry. and he was like thanks so much for sending these two young men to my door to help me come closer to thee. all i can say is...way sweet!
more news! we are getting cell phones! idk when but soon! sweet ehh? but dont call me or text me... its gonna make life SOOOOOOO much easier.
umm i bought some sweet shoes and 2 ties for like 40 bucks. the shoes are really crappy but they are only for meetings and sundays and what not.  but they are way cool. i gonna look fre$h los domingos.
well listen, the church is true and the book is blue.  -Ashley Clayton
i love you all and stay faithful and worthy. friends and fam that are reading this. be thou an example of the believers. choose the right. DONT DO DUMB THINGS!
elder inglish 

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