Monday, October 31, 2011

31 de octubre


im super sorry but this letter will be super short.... dont have any time!

this week was pretty so so... we were gonna baptize mario yesterday but there was no water! and we even called for more water and it never came. it was sad tho because he has already waited 1 and a half months and now he can get baptized! but there was no water. we gotta do all that we can to put water in the font! he even brought his family!  but its cool, now they have to come to church again!

we should have 3 baptisms next sunday. i know that the number of baptisms i have on my mission isnt important, but its the only way people can be saved and become members of the true church. but the important thing is that they should endure to the end. thats a very important step in the gospel of jesus christ. im just here to help people come unto christ and if they can make covenants, i am doing good. im also here to mature and become a better member, sibling, husband, and dad. and to learn more about the savior jesus christ.

gotta go but i love you all
elder inglish

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