Monday, November 7, 2011

7 de noviembre


well i have very little time to write today. but we had a very good week this past week. 3 baptisms and 10 investigaters in the church! chido, eh?

ummm....oh ya, regarding whoever sent me a package....i didnt get it. i got to the post office and i gave them my papers and they were like, oh sorry we sent your package home. and i was like, serious? when? then she tells me, yesterday. and then i was like....AAAHHHHHHH!!!! i came all this way for nothing! i was kinda mad. they said i got there too late so whoever sent it will get it back and then you will have to send it to me again. haha sorry! love you.

welp, idk what else to say. i am working super hard and i am glad i could be a missionary right now. i almost have 1 year! wow time flies... hope everyone up there is doing good and working hard and staying faithful in the gospel. TTFN (ta-ta for now).

love you
elder inglish

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