Thursday, January 6, 2011

4 y 6 de enero

feliz ano nuevo! we sure had a crazy new year here. ha not! we just like partied till bed time. which was 10:30. pretty loco i know. we just ran around and ate and made lots of noise with the little blowy things and had hats and ate more. no new years kiss.... jajaja.

for realzzz tho this week was pretty insane. an elder in our zone ran away! ya he has always been pretty weird... elder jacobsen. he has a problem with his thyroid gland and he was on some intense meds so we thought he was just out of his mind. he said he was going to the bathroom, but he just booked it i guess! later that night we found out he made it to his aunts house down the street. his aunt ended up calling the mtc and long story short he is back here and said he wants to go home. but his amazing companion who is elder nielson from hawaii got him to stay. we had all been praying for him.

but last night he started packing a lot of stuff and he was saying he was just packing stuff he doesnt need....

sorry ran out of time on tuesday day.

but elder jacobsen did end up leaving. i guess he is just on medical leave. but honestly this was the best place for him. this is where the Lord wants him. he didnt know this at the time, but his parents are losing their house. and now he is probably not going to want to come back when he sees what his family is struggling with. if he stayed here he could have blessed his family a lot. i have heard numerous stories of families being blessed while they have a son or daughter out in the field. but he promised his companion that he would return when he can. and his parents want him here too. as did we all.

well everything else is well here... learning and teaching and talking spanish more and more everyday. God sure blesses us a lot. i never knew this much spanish and gospel doctrine in my life! learned more here than i ever learned back at home. well i best be going... love you all! yes. especially you. you know who you are.

elder inglish

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