Tuesday, December 28, 2010

28 de diciembre

wow christmas was sooooo sweet here! guess who came.....come on.....guess....

Elder Russell M. Nelson!!

ya it was pretty gnarly.

anyways, he was here for christmas day devotional and also christmas night fireside! but thats not all! he came the next day for mtc wide priesthood mtg! it was awesome! wow hes so smart. he like talked about all these crazy abrahamic covenants and how greek root words are connected to jehovah and elohim and i cant even explain it! but it was amazing. i got to usher on sunday for priesthood so i was second row and he shook the elders hands right in front of me! i should have stuck out my hand... haha oh well. maybe we'll get some one special for new years again. oh ya thats also when the mtc presidency gets released... so its definitely possible! i will definitely always remember this christmas! today was another good pday. umm....i hope everyones christmas went well! and hope the new years are awesome too! mine will. dont you worry. cause i know you were all worrying. so dont. im in great hands.

OH YA!! :(

today i heard that 2 older elders in my zone just got assigned to go state side for a little bit. they dont know where yet. or what exactly is gonna happen. but they said that its for sure. they are supposed to go to mexico too! i guess they are getting behind again! ay! no bueno! :(
thats all i got for today. love you all!

elder inglish

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