Thursday, January 13, 2011

13 de enero

hola! well again i am gonna apologize ahead of time for the email. there is just not that much to talk about here in the mtc where we do the same thing everyday. once i get to the field things will get better and be awesome so i will have lots to write about! oh ya the field. i was scheduled to leave 1/17 but i doubt i will. i will be here just a little longer... i think thats for sure. but i am still not sure whether i will be going stateside or not for the very beginning. but i think that the mexican consulate is getting back to work because elders are leaving today from our zone cause they got their papers yesterday! so i could end up just going to mexico... which would be nice. i kind of just want it that way.. but i kinda dont care as well.

umm..... tuesday fireside was pretty sweet. it was the last fireside for the mtc presidency. i think as of today they are done and the new ones will be active. jeffrey r holland came and gave an amazing talk of course. spirit was way strong and i almost lost it. especially during the closing hymn which was "because i have been given much". i honestly have been given much. too much.. therefore i shall serve the lord with all my heart might mind and strength. the field is white, already to harvest...

well not much else... you all!

love elder inglish

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