Thursday, January 27, 2011

27 de enero

well i am still here! at the mtc...

welp, i started my 12th week yesterday. we are some of the oldest at the entire mtc! but they finally started calling mexico missions to go down to the consulate to sign for their visas. mission by mission. yesterday was the Merida mission or something... no me importa. but there is a lot of missions in mexico but we should get called to go down any day now... prob wont leave for like another week or so tho to actually go the mission field.

things here are getting a little different i guess... my teachers next district comes this next wednesday so we will prob be put with the next oldest district which is like 3 weeks old haha. well the next one is like 2 weeks younger than us, but they leave this monday for dallas and costa rica. but these extra weeks that we have been here i have learned so much more extra stuff and we have been throwing down espanol left and right! izquiera y derecha! jaja.

entonces, i do wanna get out of here tho. it is beyond old! so pray for me to get my visa? love you all and so does Dios. Chau.

elder inglish

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