Tuesday, January 18, 2011

18 de enero

so i was supposed to leave yesterday!! but no visa! good news tho.. i hear we sign for them tomorrow which means i wont go stateside and i will probably leave monday! it sure is coming fast!

this past week has been pretty similar as all the others... nothing too crazy happening here. everything is still pretty much the same. so maybe the next time you all get a letter from me i will be in mexico! saweeet.

im gonna be a mijicano! hijole. still just workin the spanish and the gospel... spanish is coming better and faster. i just have to start talking more..

im sorry my letters are boring and short but there is honestly nothing to write about at the mtc anymore ...i have been here almost 10 weeks...

promise when i am in mexico i will write longer and better emails because i will have way more time! and way more to write about.. and way more crazy sweet adventures...

hi kaley...

love you all,
elder inglish

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