Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21 de diciembre

well another week gone by! sure is crazy! food is gettin old. we predict the meals now. haha its fun stuff tho. had a good pday so far! christmas is coming so fast! wow its crazy! so dont forget to send some love to all yalls favorite elder! jaja es un chiste i dont need anything. so i hear for christmas ill probably be gettin one of the big 3. (monson, eyring, uchtdorf). its gonna be so sweet! youre all jealous i know it!

so this week was again not too crazy. got a sweet package from cara! love you sis! so far she is number one for best sista! omg there is so much snow here! it didnt stop all day until just a bit ago. its gonna be a white christmas after all! woo! first one ever! hmmm... oh next week on wednesday we get to host the new missionaries! haha it should be fun! we just show them around and take them to the places they need to go and what not... except actually me and my companion will be doing traffic. so that will probably be easier.

lets see....ugh i am sorry there is not much else to write about! i would upload some of my sweet pics but we cant connect cameras to these computers... :( oh well. lo siento. welp, love you all! oh ya! we are teaching in spanish now! ay ay ay its muy dificil! pero, its coming hahaha. our teachers are progressing investigators at the moment and one of them is so difficlut! oh well, just gotta teach by the spirit!

love elder alexander inglish

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