Thursday, December 16, 2010

14 y 16 de diciembre

hey! como le va? this week was pretty normal nothing too crazy happened. just had a lot of class and studying and what not. the usual. gosh i hate emailing cause we only get 30 minutes and its so stressful! its like the fastest half hour of my life! well on monday we had another fake investigator thingy and it went really well! it was actually just a hispanic missionary. and we hardly talked in spanish to him! hearing a native speak it was pretty carzy and i just like totally lost everything that i have learned! haha usually its like a returned white missionary or something. but it hit us. cause he was the most realistic. we taught him well tho. he said he had prayed about the book of mormon and felt that it was true and all but he wasnt sure about joseph smith and how he is different than his pastor friend or something weird like that haha


who wants to send me a christmas present?!

hey im back! so anyways this week has just been pretty normal. yesterday some friends arrived here! sweet to seee them! they look up to me. im a veteran. haha es un chiste. omg next we have to teach the first lesson in spanish! that will be tough. but i shall pray and study hard! and the holy ghost will help me as well. obvi. well i miss my family and friends and i love hearing from you all! send me letters or emails or whatevs!

love elder ingles

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