Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 de diciembre

hola!! hows everyone doin?! i miss all of you! well...most of you. jk! i just got back from the provo temple it was saweeet as always! we go every pday. which is today. obvi. so ya spanish is still hard! sheesh i thought id be fluent by now! jaja jk. its actually comin a little better, but still hard. but i say lots of prayers (in spanish) and i know they are gettin answered and the gift of tongues will be revealed unto me. i mean come on what missionary never ends up being able to learn his or her mission language. ya. my point exactly. :)

well ive been here what like 3 weeks? days are fast but every day is the exact same pretty much! but i like it here. i learn a lot. the spirit is STRONG!!! very! we had whats called trc on monday and its like pretend investigating to like practice and what not... we had this amazing lady named sister carasco who was a convert and wow she had some amazing experiences she shared with us when we were done "teaching" her. she had a near death experience and she was supposed to die. she went to heaven and saw the veil. saw everything! but she was brought back to earth by our heavenly father. ya. insane right? i cant remember everything she told us but it was along those lines... i felt the spirit so strong in that room and i almost cried during her stories. she taught us better than we taught her! haha but ya its all good. God loves us. i hope everyone is choosing the right! Haz lo justo! elevad hacia me todo pensamiento; no dudeis; no temais. jjajaja ya i memorized that.

well i got like 5 more weeks or so, atleast. we dont know about visas yet and whether they are gonna get here late. but they most likely will be late. its not just mexico tho its a lot of other countries too. theres an elder thats been here 15 weeks! he had to get reassigned to stateside. he is supposed to go to chile. anyways...idk what more to say than that i love you and god loves you and knows all of you by name. i know this is true with all my heart and i feel the holy ghost impact me errryday!!!!

elder inglish

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