Monday, July 4, 2011

4 de julio

happy 4th of july! too bad its just another day in the year here....

well this week was pretty good i guess. we didnt end up baptizing the people we had ready because the husband and wife who we were gonna marry ended up having a little fight or something.. who knows.. but everything is good now so this thursday we will marry them and the next day friday we will baptize them! finally. the mom still doesnt know yet if she wants to be baptized... but we are working with her and we are hoping that she will see how the baptism of her daughter is and will decide after that..

theres also 2 more people that we are marrying on thursday. nacho and elisabeth. nacho is a member but his wife isnt and we found them and she was like, yes i wanna get baptized, so we were like, SWEEEET!!! she has her date on saturday.

then on saturday we have another!! rosario.

4 baptisms in 2 days! woo!! pretty awesome ehh? oh wait im gonna talk about rosario a little bit. so we went to the appt one day and she was like, look i got my answer and the mormon church is true! and the book of mormon! i wanna keep my life going in the mormon church. then like 2 days later she didnt answer the door. i looked in the window and i saw that she was hiding and smoking... oh man that was so sad to see.. me and my comp talked a bit and decided to go with a family that lives upstairs. sfter that we walked passed rosarios door and we heard a voice... "where are you going? i need you?" we looked back and it was rosario. we went in her house where she and her mom were crying and told us about a thousand times that they were sorry. long story short we taught about the cargos and troubles in life that we have. she still wants to be baptized cause she has a strong testimony. afterwards we gave the mom and rosario blessings of comfort. it was the best blessing i ever gave too!! the gift of tongues and revelation is such a blessing!!

okay well gotta go!

love you all and miss you all!

elder inglish

p.s. the new mission office address is:

elder alex inglish
Av. Progreso 106, 3er piso
Colonia Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacán
C.P. 04010, Distrito Federal

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