Monday, July 25, 2011

25 de julio

welp... que paso this week... not mucho.. well, actually everyday something happens... but sometimes i cant remember to write about certain things... so ya just a heads up! :)

well poco a poco the area is getting abetter and we are getting more people to teach.. but we still need more! so we are trying to work hard!

we have some people that want to be baptized too, but they have some doubts still.. and we are praying for them and trying to clear their doubts.. so say your prayers too! porfies (please!)... well i think i gotta go. the hermana is getting kinda mad because there are 4 missionaries here in the internet cafe and only 6 computers.. so i could write more! but we gotta go..

keep saying your prayers and prayers for me because i am receiving blessings here.. love you all

elder inglish

1. my one pic. i put a bunch of pass-a-long cards in the toes of a little girl... im funny, i know..

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