Monday, June 27, 2011

27 de junio

dear loved ones,

another week in the mission. mission of the lord. ya. thats right. im on the lords errand. woot woot! me and my new companion get along really well. we´ll probably be friends after the mission haha. and we are having a lot of success and fun. fun in a good way. as in having success = having fun. who wants to guess what our goal for the month of july is... thats right, nueve! or nine for those who dont know what nueve is.. ha i mean its just a goal, but we put 9 of our best investigators together and its what the goal is! and we wanna do it! and we will.

some investigators we have that we think we can baptize are rosario, norma, daughter of norma and her husband hugo, the sanchez family of 4, genoveva and her 3 daughters, luis alberto, abigaíl and her husband ariam and son armando, and ignacio and his wife and johana.

rosario has a date for the 9th of july and quit smoking and dring coffee all in one!

norma and hugo are getting baptized this friday and also married on thursday the day before! the mom norma wants to get baptized but she still has some doubts so we hope that after the baptism of her daughter she will wants to be baptized!

the sanchez family is a family that my comp found a couple days before i got here and they gave the dad a blessing because he has a heart problem and now we teach them and they are listening to us and wanna go to church and all that good stuff.

genoveva and her 3 daughters we some people we found contacting and we went to their house and they listened and learned and want to go to church too!

luis alberto has a date for 16th of july. he has been attending church for 5 years and still doesnt know if he should be baptized... we left with the compromiso that he needs to pray with a sincere heart, having a true intention and having faith in jesus christ. and with that he can pray and receive an answer if the things are true.

abigaíl and her fam went to church this sunday and well i havent had the chance to teach them yet but they are super nice and so we will see what happens with them. my comp says they are really good.

and ignacio and his are people that have been attending church for a long time and we didnt know that they were investigators! so they should be baptized.

and johanna is a joven (youth) of like 16 years and she was really receptive. she told us she wants to be baptized but she needs to talk to her mom first. the next cita is tomorrow so we will see what happens!

well thats about it for now... i love all of you and miss you. i hope everyone is being good and "using good judgement" -scott inglish

love elder inglish

1. elder nájera and i in tianguis

2. from last area with bishop and his family

3. my old mission leader, ismael toledano.

4. the tenorio family from last area.

5. the new district. ha.

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