Monday, July 18, 2011

18 de julio

dear fam and friends


what a semana (week).

well, ive received my new companion. a brand new missionary. my hijo (son), elder martinez! except hes 25 years old.. so sometimes he doesnt quite seem like a new missionary. well rarely haha cause he is still learning and doesnt know what to do a lot of the time. but good thing he has a great trainer like elder inglish to show him the ropes. haha jk but i am trying to be a good instructor and help him out... he is learning. at least he already new a little about like the gospel when he got here so he actually helps with the teaching.. and does it well.

also we have to start working super freaking hard because 1, we only have 1 ward and lost a lot of investigators from the other ward when the new missionaries came here and 2, i have to show my new missionary how to work and how to do things.. theres a lot to do!

earlier in the week i was stressing out so much because i was helping the new missionaries elder ericksen and elder aguirre know their area a little and some people and investigators, and after there was nothing top do in my area and i just felt so stressed and tired and ugh i dont know how else to explain.. but i stopped thinking about myself and we went home and looked at the area book and looked at some old investigadores and stopped by with like 2 cause we ran out of time.. but were gonna keep doing that and contacting people... were gonna work hard. i really wanna make this area a lot better and i wanna help my new missionary get some baptisms under his belt.

well pday was kinda fun... we went to a big mall and we were gonna bowl but we didnt have time. but we just kinda walked around and the other missionaries bought some stuff... i just bought a rain coat/poncho thing...but its not like yellow and fat and flowy and ugly haha. its dark blue and more fitting.

oh ya i completed 8 months!

well i gotta go now

sorry, love you

con cariño,

elder inglish


1. me, elder ericksen , y elder pickett

2. painting the house of elder ericksen and elder aguirre

3. the family: martinez(my son), me, moyano(my dad), ferrin(moyanos dad), dont know the last ones name... haha

4. me and elder ericksen on a micro!

5. BURRITOS!!! so yummy. and rare so we couldnt pass it up...

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