Monday, August 1, 2011

1 de agosto

well another super fast week has gone by! pretty crazy. and things just go by faster and faster every week, every month! mommy ill be home before you know it! broma, todavia falto un BUEN! (Kidding, I still have a ways to go!)

well things are getting better but still not how i would like them. theres only about 10 progressing investigators that are actually progressing....but on the other hand four have baptism dates... but one of them NEVER goes to church even when he tells us, YES, GOD COMES FIRST. and so were like oh okay see ya domingo (Sunday) and we sit there and the fam comes minus him...they say he has to work... but were going to their house later today and we´ll see whats up with him. he has the desire to be baptized, but not go to church... but its not something new... ha.

well the lord does work in amazing ways...the other day we were eating and the sister was like, ya im a convert and when i was investigating i never got an answer.... i told the missionaries that i had prayed and never got or felt anything... but one day they fasted for me. and that same day i had my answer that this was all true.. so at the moment i was like,

hey comp (companion)...

he tells me, que (what?)

i tell him, lets fast!

he says, sí

then i went in the bathroom and got on my knees and started my fast. and at that moment i knew what i was doing was going to help our investigators and also us.... so now we ended the week with 4 baptism dates and some new investigators as well. but the law of the fast is real. and you all should do it!

oh another cool/quick story... we stopped at a converts house that was baptized here in like january and he already has the melchizedek priesthood! usually you have to wait a year after your baptism... but ya anyways, he told us of dreams he used to have a long time ago before his conversion. his dreams were that he was in some building standing in front of a bunch of people dressed nice and he was breaking bread.... and other dreams he was passing that bread to people... and another dream he was cutting meat with a big knife.... i don't know what the last dream means... hahaha but the other 2 are pretty clear. and he told his wife who was already a member and she was like "oh my weird" hahahaha and she never even realized that that is what we do in the church! it was funny, but super cool. people are out there and ready...

just a little extra note.. my bday is coming up... NBD (no big deal). (september 4th)
and well i will be expecting gifts from all my loved ones and my fans... jkbr. ;)
btw...i love ties. and i hear air mail is the you

con cariño,
elder inglish


1. IM RICH!! 6300 pesitos!! jk, the rent and deposit together were 5000.

all the rest of the pics: luis albertos baptism

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