Monday, June 20, 2011

20 de junio


a lot has happened this week...

ALOT. tuesday the president came to the zone to have a zone conference to say goodbye to us because we are gonna be in the new mission in july. and so we listened to him and his wife talk and after we ate a little food and hung out.

wednesday was pretty normal and we just worked as normal and stuff... i dont think again crazy happened..

thursday, had divisions with the new missionary from peru. elder Carrillo. we call him medio missionary because hes super short. haha. well that day went pretty well. he loves to contact people and so we contacted a lot that day. and i am pretty sure he didnt stop talking all day. but hes a good missionary. hes a convert of 4 years. that day we gave a triple (b of m, d and c, p of gp) to an investigator that wants to read more of the church because he already read the b of m. he is chosen. he will be baptized.. then we had a really good appt with julieta who finally is progressing and went to church and well the cita was almost over after like 45 minutes... but then i asked her, if you were to pray and ask god if you should be baptized, and you got an answer, would you follow it? and she went off for like 30 more minutes and said, "actually i have a confession to make... when you guys wanted me to pray after like the 2nd appt i got an answer and it was indescribable the feeling i had. it was amazing...." then i was like, what the!! i never knew that! but she says that the answer that she got was that she should keep listening to us and do the things we say.. then we talked a little more and before we left i said, will you pray to know that god wants you to be baptized? and she said yes of course, she also said when she receives an answer she will get baptized.... so ya, she will be baptized....

friday, during tianguis (an open air market or bazaar that is traditionally held on certain market days in a town or city neighborhood in Mexico) elder ferlin gave me some crazy and shocking news... special changes.... for the zone Ermita in the Delegation Iztacalco en Distrito Federal. i was in shock. because i was sure i would stay in the new mission. so after tianguis we ate with the bishop and his fam and we said goodebye and the hermana started crying... so sad. haha. never would have expected this coming. so we went and taught some really poor people in a really small and poor pueblo and put more baptism dates... ha no big deal...

saturday i came and arrived here with Elder Najera from Guadalajara. he is way sweet and we get along great. well be friends after the mission. haha. were gonna have a lot of success here...

well i gotta go! sorry, i actually have more to write but we have a meeting to go to. adios!

love elder inglish

1. random pic with new comp, elder najera

2. y 3. getting my shoes polished before the goodbye conference

4. la zona volcanes y la familia chavez

5. me with some biking gloves ha

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