Monday, April 4, 2011

4 de abril

dear people,

another week gone by!

time passes by faster and faster. nothing too crazy has happened this week tho. tuesday and wednesday i was in san juan with elder bastidas because my comp and his comp, elder sorenson, are both district leaders and well all the district and zone leaders had a big meeting for 2 days. and well elder bastidas is kinda weird, but nice. but we get a long well. people make fun of him but i try not to. not something missionaries should do. anyways ya hes really new. like 4 weeks in the mission. but hes mexican. and nothing too exciting happened there...

oh ya and thursday elder jimenez who is american but has like 14 monthes in the mission was with me on thurday. hes a little weird too. but we get along well. oh jk that was on friday. thursday i was with my companion. but friday nothing crazy happened as well. we had tianguis and after we had lunch but the hermana wasnt home at the moment so we waited with her kids til she got there and then we waited for the food and then we went to santiago to get my haircut and after we went with Florentino and his fam. my first baptisms. and we had a great lesson. they didnt go to church and we were pretty bummed and stuff. but we found out that they were all sick. we described to him DandC and the PofGP. cause he bought the triple. his homework was to read the introductions haha. hes excited to learn. then we had a little meeting back in ozumba with the bishop and we just talk about the investigators we have and what not. pretty good.

conference was well, okay i guess. i was really just bummed and sad the entire time because the english wasnt working and i had to listen to everything in spanish. and well its hard to understand something like a long talk or long conversations in spanish. well conversations not so much....but to be able to get stuff out of conference was really hard. i got close to nothing. its really sad for me to think about. but its all good. i felt the spirit and power of the prophets. the spirit of god was amazing. by the choir. all the music was in english still and the songs on the screen were in english and some people were trying to sing in english and they were just laughing, haha. but i sang in english loud and proud. people thought i was cool...

oh ya so May 17th Dallin H. Oaks is coming! and also another guy from the 70. to speak to all the mission. pretty sweet eh? i heard one time that elder Christofferson came and he just like planched (dont know the word in english, thats actually spanglish) everyone. this mission was really bad before. president chavez was super super new like 3 days into his mission. and well the president before was really laid back and let people do some dumb stuff. but pres. chavez is pretty hard core and lays down the law. i hear we are really close to getting email taken away! that would suck. its cause dumb elders are going on facebook. i hope it doesnt get taken away.... one stupid elder even added the president as a friend! haha he was leaving a week later so he just did it.. pretty dumb.

well things get better every week. im trying to be like jesus, im following in his ways.....haha. good song. i hope i am bringing blessings to my family. i am trying my hardest to be the best and do whats right. i still am very new. ill have 5 months the 17th of april! i hope youre all behaving.

read and pray erryday,
elder inglish

1. looking down on a tiny lil house, they are members

2. and 3. my new haircut. call it the carl inglish. aka my fav. grandpa

4. the peña family. husband and wife are exmissionaries and they are awesome.

5. a part member family that we had fhe with. a massive plan of salvation lesson. 2 daughters and their husbands arent members. want to be so bad, but "cant."

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