Monday, April 18, 2011

18 de abril

well this week was a little boring. actually very boring. i was sick with i guess the flu. so they say. in spanish its gripe, but i think they use gripe for like any kinda of sickness or something... it started tuesday night and i woke up wednesday morning with a massive fever of like 102, i think more. i was HOT. so we went to this hermanas house and she took care of me. she rubbed my head and my feet!! haha it was amazing. she rubbed my feet because they were freezing and she said it would help so i didnt stop her. obvi. free foot massage. score! so ya i was like dying on wednesday. thursday was a tad better, but still dying. friday was better. went to tianguis, but i shouldnt have. then saturday i worked with elder ferlin in his area and i shouldnt have because i got worse again. sunday after church i was kinda dying again. but its like different know. i cough still a lot and my head hurts but my throat like killed, could barely swallow my own spit. i feel like its not really the back of my throat. it feels like the entire neck is messsed up. but today is a little better, still hurts a lot. but were going to the doctor tomorrow. and im excited because its at the temple!

so monday night we ate with a fam and we ate posole. its like a hot soup and you put lettuce and stuff in it and you eat it with tostadas. well the type we had was like cut up pig face. wakala. it was creepy. the hermana pulled half a pig face out of the soup and then chopped it all up in little pieces. it wasnt that bad, but the thought made it hard to eat.. i had a little piece of the nose bone in my bowl. i knew it was the nose cause it had a hole.. i thought i was supposed to eat it cause i didnt know it was a bone but i spit it out when i realized it was hard.. haha.

tuesday the president came and interviewed the zone. it was good, we just talked about how my spanish is coming along and some other random stuff. it was all good. i think he likes me cause i had a big smile on. hehe.

nothing really funny happened this week except when i was with elder ferlin this group of girls were like, hey gueros come here! so we were like, yes? she started talking to us and we said, we're missionaries and we are here for 2 years serving the lord, and then one asked, why are you 2 so handsome? and elder ferlin was like, well thats just how got made us! i should have said, well were americans! but i didnt. she said she wanted us to go to her house and read the bible to her... but when we turned around to walk away she was like, que nalgas! which is like, nice butts! we said gracias.

well thats about it, changes are tomorrow, but none of us are changing. gonna be here with the same comp in the same place for 6 more weeks... we have a lot of baptisms set up... we shall baptize all of them!!!

sorry the fotos arent very good either, they are really boring... only 2. i feel bad.

oh ya it rained friday! hailed, and saturday. took videos..

love you all!
elder inglish

1. when i was at a members house. she put frozen potatoes on my forehead and a bandana to keep them on. felt good, my head cooked them.

2. shrimp. ate with a member on like thursday.

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