Monday, March 28, 2011

28 de marzo


another week has passed and another pday goes by at the blink of my eye. today we went to this massive house that has kinda like a little rec center. we just chilled and played pool and ping pong and soccer. they are members from the stake that invited us over. it was pretty fun i guess, i had a good time beating everyone in pool. no one knew how to play.

we saw some things this week that were a little crazy. on tuesday we went to a members house to have fhe with them because its the family where everyone except 2 daughters and their husbands are members. it was at 7:30 but we went at 7 and they werent there yet so we just left. we went walking around and i said lets go talk to Augustin. he was an investigator that said he didnt wanna listen anymore but he still likes us a lot. we were almost to his house when there was a guy, his son Luis standing outside his lil house next door. we were just walking by him and he says, talk to me. we were like huh? then he said this is all the same house im augustins son luis. come in! we comp and i looked at each other and we were like ¡NO MANCHES! (which means no stains, but used as like no way or omg). we talked to him and he is progressing good! he has a calendar with the pope on it, but he practices no religion! so thats good. it wasnt anything big, but i know the spirit gave me revelation to go to that house. after we went to the fhe with the family and it was great. talked about the plan of salvation and there was only one sister and her husband there, but the spirit was there and he knows what he has to do to go to the celestial kingdom. we gotta go meet with them soon.

the other day we were walking from a lil house we contacted to santiago which was like 20 minutes away. this dude on a bike zoomed by and idk what happened exactly but i think he wanted to pass a truck illegally of course and i think at the same time the truck was dodging a pot hole. they didnt hit eachother, but the dude on the bike swerved left and it was kinda far away from us at this point but i saw the guy and his bike just all the sudden fly up in the air! once we finally caught up they were arguing and we were like do you need help do you need a phone and they were like no. ha but the guy was fine and walking. it was really crazy to see tho. later that day i saw something that kinda made me sad. we were talking to a lady and around the corner came a little dog followed by like 4 big dogs. one big dog caught up to it and grabbed it by the neck and swung it around then we ran over an the big dogs ran away but the lil dog was squealing and bleeding out its neck. it was really sad to see and if we were like 5 seconds earlier we could have stopped the big dogs because all the dogs in the street are scared of people! but hey one less dog in mexico right Cami?

on friday we finished with tianguis and as we were walking out a guy threw a pepper at me. i said gracias.

on saturday after a missionary activity for investigators we went to get hamburgers as usual and one of the hermanas that works at the stand was playing music from her phone first it was high school musical, in spanish! i was like wow i know this manches its high schoool musical haha. then i heard Otherside from red hot chili peppers and Beautiful by james blunt.
yesterday a drunk guy hugged my companion and in church there was another drunk guy that was like talking really loud and a kid that kept kicking a chair in front of him and his mom told him to stop and he wouldnt stop so i got behind him and pulled his chair and he was kicking air. ha but then he went to the floor and did it more and i was like dude what are you doing. stop. long story short he never stopped and his mom didnt know how to discpline him. he was like 9. this was in the branch we have in tepecoculco. the people there are loco.

well time is kinda going fast i guess, faster than before. my comp is good. other day i bought him a snickers, yesterday i gave him some bball shorts that were a little small for me. he didnt say thanks, he said bueno. i think thats just how they are in argentina...

the mission is beautiful. and so are the blessings that we receive. they are all around us. read and pray everyday please

love elder inglish

1 the volcano smokin a lil

2 elder nuñez and i in tianguis teaching

3 i was doing intercambios with elder ferlin and we saw this tiny lil creepy crevise/calle

4 me and my new hat i think made out of bunny? its real nice.

5 preaching on a bike

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