Monday, February 7, 2011

7 de febrero

hola amigos

i am here in mexico! its so crazy. never really been here before. didnt know what to expect other than what i was told about it. lots of people. good food. crazy, but good drivers. and no one speaks inglish. except theres 2 elders that are in my district that are americano. so thats good because they translate what my comp says when i see them. but otherwise i can kinda understand him sometimes. i have a diccionary and i look up words. and i talk to him and he understands me so thats good. estoy aprendiendo. hes a good guy. from argentina. elder moyano. but doesnt know any english except, far far away. from shrek. so that helps some. haha. he tells me to have paciencia. (patience).

well tomorrow i think we will actually start teaching. my comp has been here only 2 months! so i actually am older mission wise, but he has been in mexico longer and knows everything. anyways when we got to our area we found out we have 2 investigators! and i think that they want to get baptized.. not positive tho, and we looked in our binder thing last night and saw that we have a lot of investigators that were taught like 1-3 years ago and some of them like wanted to be baptized but i guess for some reason the previous missionaries maybe got like transferred or something. so i guess starting tomorrow we will start teaching and finding those old investigators. and getting them baptized!! hopefully.

at church yesterday it was pretty sweet. i bore my testimony with the words i knew and started crying and so lil kids came up to the pulpit thing and handed me tissues and stuff. like 2 kids in 5 seconds. it was funny. after sac mtg everyone came up to us and were super friendly and said bienvenidos elderes. and some little girl wanted me to kiss her cheek but at the moment i was like uhh... what do i do?? haha but its all good. they just laughed. and i did too. i wish i would have studied spanish more or gotten Rosetta Stone or something. but actually its not important because the gift of tongues is real. so ill learn that way.

well i gotta go. gots a district meeting or something.

elder inglish

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