Monday, February 14, 2011

14 de febrero

well my first week has been pretty crazy. me and my padre (comp, padre because he has been in mexico longer and he is my first companion, but i actually have more time in the mission all together than him because of me being in the mtc. haha) are doin work. 2 baptism dates for the 26 i think of this month. a husband and a wife. Florentino y Teresa. they are really good people. i had only taught them once so they were already prepared kinda but the lesson i was at was when we gave them a date. we are all excited. we also have some other investigators, but we nee to find more. almost all of them are references from the ward or that other missionaries get or that we meet and talk to in the Tianguis or Mercado (market where people sell stuff). we have our own little booth and play a church movie and give out pass-along cards or folletos (pamphlets about the restoration, gospel, etc.). i like it its way sweet and fun. after we walk around it for a while. we do it as a district so there is 6 of us. when people dont want the folletos or pass-along cards we sneak up behind them and slip them in their bags from behind. its way funny. this week i will take pics of it. we do it tuesday and friday.

as for learning spanish. i am talking pretty good. i mean not as fast as them but they say i am learning fast. at the beginning of the week i couldnt really understand people as well but its already getting better. they just kinda use words i dont know sometimes. but ya i understand people like 30 percent of the time. so its still bad. i can understand my companion tho.
in the morning we get free tacos from a sister in the ward! one of our wards. in the town Ozumba. she is way nice and the tacos are amazing. and no they arent dog tacos. those are in Distrito Federal. haha. we also got free food like milk and cereal and cookies and bread and jam from another member. she also paid for our laundry! theres 2 daughters of the hermana with the free tacos that arent members. Analitia y Teresa. sisters. between 20-30. the entire family are me mbers, except them. they both know its true and want to get baptized so thats good. but both of theirhusbands dont want it. one of them is scared of the family or something. i dont know. we are working on them. the other husband i dont remember what his deal is. but they sure need to get baptized.

there is another investigator we have. we went to this house cause we looked in our area book and saw someone named javier and he had good stuff written about him. so we went there and javier didnt live there. it was an older man maybe like 60´s. Augustin. he is way cool! he doesnt have a religion or probably even a belief for that matter. but he was like Oh please come in! i wanna talk to you! (or something like that, in spanish of course.) we have talked to him twice now and he pretty much does everything we ask. haha its great. he is gonna pray about what we are teaching him is true. like a good investigator should.
we have others that weve talked to that we are meeting with this week and next. 2 are testigos de jehova. or jehovas witness. so of course they talked to us first. out on the streets. they just wanna bible bash or as a say in spanish, luchar con biblias. ill ask them about there missing scriptures in their bible, which are great scripts, and we will see what happens.

mexico is so different. there are dogs EVERYWHERE. no joke. its so weird. in the mornings a guy drives around with gas tanks for like the showers and stuff and yells GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!! all day! so people go outside once the voice is close to their house. its quite funny. the first morning in the new house we showered with a bucket of water and heated it up with an iron. total méxicanada. it was great. but we bought gas. our toilet sucks, ill tell you that and that only.

well i gotta go! gonna go to a bday and play futbol and other stuff. itll be great. great fun. well love you all

read and pray
elder inglish

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