Monday, February 21, 2011

21 de febrero

well this week has been good and a little slow. actually, its like both slow and fast. idk. i cant explain it. time is weird in the mission.

so good news, already have one baptism! he was baptized before we even got here and so for some reason the bishop said it counts as a baptism for us. haha and 2 on the 26th. this saturday. oh ya already told you all that.. oh well! maybe im just that excited! and nervous..

so this week i have been kinda sick, but i still worked. and its getting better. it was like sore throat, stuffy nose, head ache, that yucky stuff.

so the investigator we had, augustin, went kinda crazy. the first 3 visits were great, but the last, yesterday, was weird. well his sister just died yesterday (everyone in his fam is old) and his wife has been in D.F. for a while now cause her sister is sick and so he is kinda alone i guess. but yesterday he said he didnt wanna listen to us anymore and then he asked weird questions like why did jesus have long hair and why was he wearing a red robe and ya just random and weird. so we wont talk to him anymore. we will visit him in like 2 weeks or so just to talk probably.

yesterday we gave 2 blessings! i did the oil obviously because i dont know enough spanish yet to give a blessing. and it would be extremely hard. but ya it was for a really old guy that came to church and in class he just felt like super week and so ya we gave him one. and later in the day he climbed up to the house of his family who we ate with and he felt great he said! sweet. then we gave another one to a really old lady. i think his sister. same kinda thing. then we taught the youngest brother of the family and he wants to get baptized. if you teach baptism first and the importance of it, people accept that, then the rest of the info later like restoration, plan of salvation, etc. so its great. we ate torrilas and chicken and canned sardines. they were really poor.

there is also another investigator that looks like wolverine. hilarious.

well dont have anymore time so i gotta go but im here and doing the work of the lord. do the same.

read and pray,
elder inglish

attached pics:

1. drinking coconut milk during the tianguis

2. member family. last night they gave me a bunch of medicine. they are awesome. the kids too.

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