Monday, February 28, 2011

28 de febrero

¡¿como estan my loved ones?!

this week has been pretty good. every day i write something down in my handy dandy notebook that i can put in my emails. i decided im gonna put all the american songs i hear in the email too. i love hearing the american songs. its just really funny to me idk why! this week i heard a great one, I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS. haha it was great. some store had it on repeat and it played like 10 times in a row. we were sitten outside the store waiting for an hermano to pick us up. also heard HEY, SOUL SISTER, TEENAGE DREAM (my fav), CRAZY IN LOVE, and BABY by Justin Beiber!

theres a kinda big area by ours where there is a reformed church (RLDS) and a lot of its members live around it. and the streets that the church is on are LEHI and JOSÉ SMITH (josé smith is joseph smith). haha crazy or what?!?! they prob think they are really cool or something.... whatevs. LDS is the true church. we all know that.

so stuff that happened this week... umm... a really old guy got super mad at me and my comp because we kicked a can and it was not even that close to hitting him, but he flipped and cussed at us. also saw a drunk guy walking at night and started talking to a wall and then punched it. haha. oh i ate a really hot pepper at a members house. it was one where parts of it are really hot and others not at all. i ate a really hot part. woof. it was crazy hot. we put oranges, watermelon, honey, all sorts of stuff in our mouths!! pretty crazy. ummm my comp likes to sing mmm....bop by hanson. really random. we walk so much here! but i honestly dont get that tired! i picture an angel just constantly pushing me along from behind. i couldnt walk this much before the mission thats fo sho... i have the biggest area in the mission i think... i saw a lady dressing a dummy too. it was at her store. it was really awkward.

investigators: we had 2 baptisms for this sunday Florentino and teresa but there was no water so they will be this saturday i believe. we have other investigators like maria magdalena and her fam and tomas a really old man and others but i dont have time to get my agenda out and look. we have a lot tho...

mision life is good and it will only get better i know that for a fact. but i gotta go! love you all. read and pray erry day!!

love Elder Al

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