Monday, July 30, 2012

30 de julio

hello hello. 

well here i am. working with the same. its so cool to see the work flourish and see the promises of the Lord come true. we had to change a lot of baptismal dates that we have because sometimes people dont go to church, but we are praying a lot and are trying to work with them. (any hints would be greatly appreciated.) its also kinda tough because we have almost all families that are super chosen and ready to make covenants, but arent married. nots not really a problem because we can marry them, but some need to get divorced first and others didnt think it was important to be legally married by the law, but we are helping them to understand and its great when the spirit backs us up! 

cool story. my first convert that we baptized in this area went to EFY and LOVED it. he also wants to go on a mission. 

another cool story. there was an old lady that i taught in one of my last areas, Ixtla, that finally got baptized after listening to the missionaries for like 2 years! her time finally came. and well since i attend in the same chapel i was able to go to her baptism and she was so happy and content and glad i was able to go. she thanked me for helping her and never leaving her. and the truth is that when i was there i thought about it, but i kept going and so did the missionaries that followed me. 

love you! 

elder inglish

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