Monday, August 6, 2012

6 de agosto


this week we had some dificulties in certain aspects, but in others went well. we were able to put more baptismal dates with some people and got some to church, and well people are getting excited to know the truth. 

i really dont wanna go too much into details, but the Lord is blessing us. Joaquin. who has a date for the 16th started to hide from us because he doesnt wanna get married because he doesnt like the Law and Govt and stuff like that, but we found him hiding and told him to come out. he felt bad and we had some members at the lesson and he really opened up and now he wants to get baptized more than ever so he said that if he has to get married in order to get baptized he'll do it. his wife also wants to get baptized, but shes in the process of gettting her rest day on sundays. 

a wife of a recent convert we found recently moved here and she is really chosen. we taught her like twice and put a baptismal date and she already went to church and liked it a lot. she loves how the fams can be together forever and how she can see her daughter again. 

lots of people are ready to get baptized. we just gotta get them to church. i feel guided by the Lord to help these people. i love the work. 

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