Monday, July 2, 2012

2 de julio

well this week was actually really good!
we are finding so many new investigators and me and my comp are really just pushing it to the limit. gotta push it, push it, to the limit, limit.
we are starting to teach really well together. this week we were able to find 10 more new investigators and we set 8 baptismal dates with some of our other investigators. the branch doesnt really help that much, but things really are just getting better and they will just continue to get better! and in time the branch will start to help a litttle with the work. but i can see and feel the Lord working with us. if everything works out right we should baptize this week, next week, the next, and the far.....
i love my Heavenly Father. He lives. and i know He loves me. He loves every one of His children equally. this is His work and we all need to help and share the gospel with everyone we can. i absolutely LOVE this church, the restored gospel, and especially my Savior, Jesus Christ. with all my heart.
love, elder inglish 

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